Monday, November 19, 2007

Racist Police Officer To Be Replaced

For a long time this man was able to get away with being hideously unrepresentative of London's population, very few of whom have circular noses or bright yellow eyebrows.

But after an in-depth investigation by the Met's Diversity Directorate decided he looked a dead ringer for a Somali suicide-bombing suspect, PCSO Steve could be living on borrowed time.

A police mascot criticised for being too male and white will be replaced by more "ethnically diverse" models.

PSCO Steve was created by the Metropolitan Police to visit primary schools but drew criticism for failing to represent London's communities.

The Met will spend £15,000 in making three new characters.

The new costumes, expected to be ready early next year, include a woman PCSO, named Sunita ...

If they'd named her Mingeeta they'd have got two minorities for the price of one.