Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Few Smears on the Curate's Windowpane

Grayson Perry, the Turner Prize-winning artist who is perhaps better known to the general public for his extravagant cross-dressing, has admitted that he censors himself when it comes to matters relating to Islam.

Speaking at a meeting organised by the Art Fund, Perry said that it was simple fear which stopped him from addressing Islam in his work. 'I don't want my throat cut', he said.

Way back in April I had a teensy spatette with Alex Hilton of Recess Monkey, in which I noted a tendency to play the man rather than the ball.

Since then he's been putting himself forward as a Labour Party candidate - not selected yet. I'm not sure that trawling the Facebook accounts of the families of political opponents speaks that well for his judgement. As an obsessive trawler myself, I can see the appeal. But I'm not trying to be selected as a Parliamentary candidate.

Especially when he doesn't quite seem to see what the problem is. His Guardian piece is "all about him".

Would you want this guy as your MP ? On the other hand he seems just the sort of chap they'd like at Labour HQ - but they have to work anonymously, in the shadows - as I do. I'm not sure he's cut out for that.