Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Soggy Night In Newport Town

Well, the Dragons beat Glasgow 13-3, but it was easily the worst I've seen them play this season. None of the usual fire - maybe the pools of water all over the pitch and the non-stop downpour had something to do with it. Despite the water, the pitch was in tremendous nick and cut up very little. But it was comedy rugby, with handling difficult and both teams kicking and hoping for a defensive error. There were plenty of those, but no-one could take advantage as time and again the ball held up in the lakes (you could have drowned at the bottom of some rucks) or slipped from hands.

3 up for half the game, Glasgow battled superbly against subdued Dragons and deserved a draw, with their forwards more than matching the Dragons pack, even when Beattie was sinbinned. It must have been a heartbreaker when they conceded a penalty with a minute left, Ceri Sweeney kicked it and then played a cross-kick to the left corner for Aled Brew to score unopposed with the clock on 81 minutes. 13-3 didn't really reflect the game.

I've noted before the wonderful prices for children (I took six last night) at Rodney Parade - £3 each. Noting that pretty much every male on the terraces had pint glued to hand, I thought maybe a Guinness would ward off winter chills and keep the rain out. £2.20 a pint ! Has earth anything to show more fair ?

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