Monday, November 20, 2006

Government in immigration 'crackdown'

John Reid is the greatest comedian since David Blunkett.

Four hundred and forty police officers are being seconded to help tackle illegal immigration in the UK.

They will be among 800 new immigration staff - a 25% increase in total - unveiled by Home Secretary John Reid.

"We are very clear that we do not want this to have an impact on police officers' frontline work," a Home Office spokeswoman insisted.

"There won't be any police officers taken off the front line," she said.

That's right. They'll be taken from under a magic goosegog bush !

File in the same drawer as PM to stage immigration summit. "Blair takes control of immigrant crisis". Blair calls immigration summit etc etc

Meanwhile ...

Passports forged on 'industrial scale'

Britain is facing a growing crime wave linked to Nigeria and based largely on financial scams and immigration and identity frauds, according to a report published today. It claims that Nigerians are forging passports and cheques on an “industrial scale” and that huge numbers of false documents are passing through provincial British airports.


Anonymous said...

It seems odd that in all the years New Labour has been running around talking about stopping illegal immigration, they have not come up with one proper, feasible solution that they'd even consider seeing through.

Yet, after eleven months of 'compassionate conservatism', the Conservative Party has developed an immigration policy (of sorts) that has been openly acclaimed by various commentators.

Labour need to grab the bull by the horns here. I needn't say that if the current rate of immigration, legal and illegal, into this country continues, then the effects may well be catastrophic.

AntiCitizenOne said...

"stopping illegal immigration"

All it would take would be actual border controls. The U.K. IS an Island. How difficult can it be?

Anonymous said...

Nigerians involved in fraud, surely not!

Martin said...


Unfotunately the trade in false documents in this country is massive.

As well as these Nigerians, in three separate instances I've caught two Alegrians, two Brazilians and a Romanian at it - they're the ones that immediately spring to mind at 06.15. The Algerians and Brazilians were both running passport factories.

You just recently reported on the Pugachevs.

And never let it be forgotten that the late and sainted Jean Charles de Menezes, upon the passing of whose shadow flowers bloomed and sickly nippers cured of the pox, had a false stamp on his passport. No doubt the stamp grew legs, jumped off a Nigerian passport fraudster's desk and leapt into JCDM's pocket to assault his documents.

So fixated are the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the BBC is describing him as 'innocent' that that's how they'd tell it...probably...

Anonymous said...

Yeah but this will all be stopped when the new ID cards are introduced...

Its the truth I tells ya!

Anonymous said...

"There won't be any police officers taken off the front line," she said.

Simply because there are none left on the front line anyway.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt Nigerians? Do you mean like this one?

All it would take would be actual border controls. The U.K. IS an Island. How difficult can it be?

Well unfortunately we are stymied by Europe and the UN. In order to have a real border control we need to renegotiate our relationship with the EU in order to allow us to stop EU criminals entering the UK. If you want to prevent asylum seekers taking advantage of our system you need to tear up the UN 1951 refugee convention. I seriously doubt any political party has the stomach for what's needed.

Nikola said...

yyou cant make it up!