Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Different World

How hasn't Mark Holland found this first ?

"On Wednesday 18th May we made it to Nottingham , most of the way sitting on the back of an empty lorry, and enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air. We went out into Nottingham in the evening and enjoyed ourselves. Leaving Nottingham early on Thursday around 8 am we walked for about 4 miles and a car driven by a gentleman and his wife as passenger stopped and asked where we were heading for. We told them, "To London for the Coronation Procession", and they were delighted to give us a lift to Stratford on Avon. We went out in the evening and visited Ann Hathaway's Cottage and other places connected with William Shakespeare. We stayed overnight in the Youth Hostel in Stratford on Avon. We had a lovely evening and enjoyed the beer in two of the nice pubs in the famous town. "

Two Scots hitch to London for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Wonderful photos of a vanished world.

From the excellent Brechin City site.


Anonymous said...

I can forsee a completely different coronation next time. One which is shorn of any pomp and ceremony, any pro-Britishness and the Church Of England. And people won't travel a mile, let alone from Scotland, to see such a charade.

AntiCitizenOne said...

I'd rather the U.K. be a republic than Prince Dhimmi be King.

Anonymous said...

So long as Prince Charles abandons his silly idea of being "defender of faith" then I'll be happy.

I wouldn't worry about the lack of any pomp either. Call me mad, but I still have faith in the spirit of the nation.