Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Barrister Speaks

"Who is the Roman king, mate, me. I am a face and a half."


Voyager said...

Benjamin Squirrell, representing Modjiri, said his client had worked hard to improve himself, eventually winning a prized scholarship to the Bar but he became depressed when he failed to find chambers.

"It was in that mindset he became involved in cocaine," said Mr Squirrell.

So understandable...........I wonder if he gets a pro-bono barrister as a professional courtesy ?

P. Froward said...

So sad, so see a bright young life wasted this way.

I wonder why the Jews made him do it?

Phil Jackson said...

I wonder why the Jews made him do it?

They also tricked this poor guy into biting a swan:

Ross Parker said...

Wasn't Janus (the guy with a surplus of faces) a God, not a King?