Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Spot The Racist

via Majority Rights, an apparent (i.e. if it's genuine) EU-funded project to automatically scan the web for racist websites (well, some racist websites anyway - those of "majority groups"). I wonder what they'd want to do that for ?

I'm not sure about the methodology. They're picking a bunch of what are generally agreed to be racist websites (the stormfronts of this world), analysing the text and applying the results of the analysis to other websites. Whether that'll pick up the hideously subtle racism which according to the Guardian pervades almost the entire UK media and infects Brit society from top to bottom I'm unsure.

While I've little sympathy for some of the more outre views on sites like MR (according to the comments Baroness Tonge's Global Zionists are behind it all), I can't but enjoy the irony of this bit.

"Minority social groups and belief holders conceptualise truth as something which has been repressed or ‘concealed’ through socialisation processes and global information control at the hands of their chosen out-group. This paranoiac worldview ...."

So you're paranoid if you witter on about global information control and the repression of some ideas - according to this tax-funded supra-national project apparently designed as an aid to exactly that.


Guessedworker said...


A bit naughty of you to disinter the canard that MR is judeophobic. MR is Eurocentric and, indeed, supports the principle of sovereignty for all ethnic groups within their own homelands.

If we all run around pretending like my friend John Ray that Jews do not have ethnic interests and, heaven forfend, do not prosecute same through various political and cultural means, we cannot much complain when we lose our country in the next five decades.

The moral courage to face this great crisis has to be found somewhere. Being clear and honest about Jewish activism in Jewish ethnic causes is a necessary part of that.

Such clarity does NOT equate to crazed global conspiracy-mongering. You construct a straw giant here, by the disposal of which you seek to slay a thing of truth and value.

I do not ask that personally find the courage to put away the behaviours we have all learned at the point of a faux-moral sword. But please report more fairly on those that do.

Laban said...

Given that half the pro-Palestine left are Jewish, I find it hard to credit that they all act in their "ethnic interest". What interest os Stephen Rose acting in ? The Magna Mater Melanie is an exception, of course, as in so many other things.

Tom Paine said...

I wouldn't worry about this one. Any such software will detect all the Muslim hate sites and therefore be quietly shelved.