Thursday, September 21, 2006

More Lib Dem Moonbattery

Even before the Lib Dems Mark Oaten found himself in the pooey stuff, I'd long since marked his card.

It was the go-karting lessons that got me, even more than votes for Ian Huntley.

But this is worse than any amount of dodgy daggy doings.

Radical ideas were suppressed - such as his long-held wish to abolish prison. "If I'd been brave enough when I had the home affairs brief, that's what I wanted to say, that we should abolish prisons. But I was clamped down. 'For God's sake, Mark!' they'd say. 'Even just saying something like prisoners should have the right to vote is causing us enough electoral damage.' So I never said it."
This was at the same time the dippy deviant was coming out with stuff like this.

"The plan for community justice panels is part of what Mr Oaten calls "tough liberalism" - policies which he says are liberal, effective, but not perceived as weak.

The challenge is to appeal to voters wanting a tough approach on crime while keeping support from those preferring a liberal stance.

Mr Oaten told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the idea of recruiting residents of estates or parishes to the panels was a "tough option" against offenders. "
Tough liberalism, eh ? While all the time he'd have let all the bad guys out ?

Two faced ? He's got more faces than Bradford Town Hall clock.


Verity said...

I think what I resent most about Mark Oaten, and quantifying all the bad qualities/announcements is not easy, is his constant repetition that he had "had an affair with a rent boy".

He didn't have an affair with a rent boy.

He wasn't infatuated with a rent boy and the rent boy, similarly, had no personal interest in him.

There was no "affair". It was a transaction. Mark Oaten paid for a service that is grossly abnormal. I'm sure he was charged at premium rates.

Let us get over this idea that some bizarre emotional rush of middle aged hormones pushed him into an atypical attraction to a rent boy. (Violins.) This was not the case. He was paying for a service that very few, even among rent boys, would provide.

It was his misfortune to be the customer of probably the only rent boy in London, or even Great Britain, who could recognise not just a member of Parliament, but a member of the Lim-Dem Party. "'ere! Aren't you that Mark Oaten, then?" Stranger things have happened, but not many.

So then they had to start shovelling out the poo, so to speak - a rent boy that clued to Westminster would also be media savvy - and Oaten and his helpers had to employ vigorous use of the poop scoop as he swore allegiance to his wife and children after this mad "affair".

I don't give a shit - oops! - about Mark Oaten, but that he is still in public life and making pronouncements is with the complicity of the media. He did not have an "affair" and I resent the media for going along with the gag. It'a a lie.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I wouldn't put it quite like Verity, she has got a point. An "affair" sounds so much nicer than "had sex with a hooker"

Verity said...

anonymous - "affair" means there is some emotional involvement and some attraction between two people.

What Oaten was paying for was a strictly commercial arrangement. I resent the attempts to manipulate the English language, which has survived in various forms for over 2,000 years, with words having definite meanings, by cheap little opportunists like Mark Oaten to decorate their own malfeasance.

He went to a hooker for a service, for which I am sure he paid a premium rate. He didn't "have an affair with a rent boy" - as though he had seen a rent boy standing underneath a lampost in the evening mist and fallen in instant infatuation.

What a load of codswallop.

Anonymous said...

So Mark Oaten wants to abolish prison huh. Perhaps someone should ask him what would he like to do with the people who have committed these crimes then

I dont know about you but I'm glad I dont live in Bradford right now

Anonymous said...

My God. Anonymous, those crimes are horrific. And this Oaten guy want to abolish prison? What colour is the sky on the world he lives in?

Yes, OK Verity, brown.

niconoclast said...

So we can conclude that Oaten is anus faced.

Anonymous said...

The media have sat on the report on the five year old child for was broken by the BNP this morning, after which the BBC reported it.