Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Just Knew ...

That the Englishman would be onto this story. Hasn't he been waiting forever for the Rural Payment Agency to recycle some VAT back in his direction ?

"Civil servants are said to have had sex in the lavatories, taken drugs, used foul language, brawled in the reception area and held break-dancing contests in working hours.

Some of the goings-on at the Rural Payments Agency, a branch of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, in Lancaster House, Newcastle upon Tyne, are believed to have been captured on CCTV."

It sounds like an interesting working environment.

"There is an horrific new craze of vomiting into official cups and leaving the cups to fester in cupboards until discovered through the horrendous smell."

"Last month Lord Bach was moved from his post as farms minister after a week in office because of the Rural Payments Agency's failure to pay £1.5 billion of European subsidies on time to English farmers and landowners.

The fiasco has pushed many farmers to the brink of bankruptcy."

Ah well. They're only customers.


IanLondon said...

I worked for OPCS about 20 years ago, even back then the reality of the civil service was far apart from the pin-suited world my mother warned me about.

My boss was a goth girl, with a giant peroxide blonde hairdo, she wore white make up and victorian black lace dresses, and chain smoked.

One large office was filled with very expensive microfiche machines, on quiet days they were moved to one side save for a few to act as goalposts for the impromptu football game.

Someone was "told off" for attempting to grow hash in their office plant pot.

The "clean desk" policy meant that cleaners would unconditionally shred any documents found left on a desk after hours, one girl had a birthday and left the cards on her desk overnight ...

The department boss did nothing all day, and I mean nothing, he just sat in his chair staring into space like an old man in a retirement home, he didn't even make his coffee, the Executive Officer did that.

End of the month was the regular tally up of hours, people worked a "flexible" system, what this meant was "worked as little as possible" as there followed a week of disputes over attendance, which invariably got forgotten about.

I only worked there for 3 months.

The Gorse Fox said...

Actually they are just customers... they are also their employers. After all, as tax payers we are employing these people!

Rick said...

Government is more Fun with Labour.............did Prescott plan the games ?

Anonymous said...

Islamic terrorists get welfare cheques from this government quicker than farmers get their payments.