Saturday, March 18, 2006

Signs Of The Times

"When walking in the street, don't flash your Ipod, mobile or credit card. Stay safe"

Advert I've just heard on Severn Sound Radio, courtesy of Gloucestershire Police.


Scribbles said...

Do not "flash" them? What does that mean? At what point does "using" become "flashing"?

esbonio said...

The public continues to suffer from the relentless deterioration in law and order. The crimes themselves are bad enough but are compounded by the collateral damage in terms of self imposed restrictions on freedom alluded to here. Such crime and restrictions might be understandable in 18th century England or 19th century Wild West America. However they do not make sense in 21st century Britain where the government has vast resources at its apparently ineffective disposal.

The Remittance Man said...

When on the street make sure that your large calibre handgun is clearly visible to all potential muggers.

Oooops sorry, forgot which country we were talking about.

So, cower, hide and be afraid to go outside your front door. The barbarians are at the gates and the state won't do anything about it except forbid you from doing anything about it.



Two Passports said...

I was told that about iPods about two years ago but of course, I didn't have one. The advice was to change headphones so no one could identify that you had an iPod. Now, everyone's got one. The 13-year-old kids I teach had one before I did!

James said...

It's a "get out of jail" card for the cops...If you do use any of said instruments, and they subsequently get stolen, they can tut-tut and tell you "we told you so" rather than investigate it.

Serf said...

Its nice to see that our attitudes towards robbery have now come to resemble backward attitudes to rape.

He was "flashing" his ipod about Guv, he was asking for it.

Anonymous said...

funny how the Japanese can "flash" their ipods and their cameraphones in downtown Toyko without fear of attack.

then again, the Japanese havent bought into "multi-culturalism".