Thursday, March 16, 2006

Christians ! Take The BBC Bible Test !

Do you believe that the Israelite King David (yes, the one who killed Goliath - and also the one who effectively murdered a man in order to marry his wife) had a homosexual relationship with his good mate Jonathan ?

If you don't - you're 'anti-gay'.

Good to know the TV tax is being spent on such rigorous Biblical scholarship.

(see also this post).


Larry Teabag said...

Well that particualr piece doesn't look like it cost too much TV tax. A couple of quid at the outside.

Anyway, I think the logic works the other way round: if you're anti-gay, then you're unlikely to believe that the King David had a homosexual relationship with his good mate Jonathan.

Which, while not exactly insightful, is probably true.

Serf said...

As King David had many wives, it would not surprise me if none of them was as close to him as his best male buddy.

One doesn't have to be "Anti Gay" to make such a comment.

Eamonn said...

The BBC (Peace be upon them):-

Anonymous said...

"BBC chief is 'most powerful Catholic layman in Britain'"

Laban said...

I guess he's a Catholic in the same way that Rowan Rasputin is an Anglican.

Anonymous said...

Ah come on. Any idiot can see that the David/Jonathan thing is gayer than a dress-wearing Graham Norton dancing to Donna Summer in a Pride parade. The older the Bible translation, the more explicit the relationship becomes.

Of course, Ian Paisley would tell us that the editing was the Word of God, but if that man has God's ear, we're all in trouble come Judgement Day.