Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fight ! Fight ! Fight !

Handbags at dawn as Gary Younge and Aaro roll around on the floor.

Gazza : "A couple of years ago a British journalist won a major award for columns supporting the Iraq war on the grounds that to do so was "brave". Whether the award was deserved is irrelevant; the judges' adjective is the issue. What, after all, is "brave" about supporting the policies of both your government and the sole global superpower against a country that posed no threat?"

Aaro : "In other words, he is the brave one. It is in challenging "prevailing hierarchies and orthodoxies" that true bravery lies. Propping them up takes no courage. This line is full of unwitting irony, as any person who has attended a Guardian editorial mass meeting would know. But look, a writer needs his image."

But the real gems come in Aaro's comments, via Aaro fanatic bruschettaboy.

"I am on the point of starting a crusade against this meaningless phrase "speak truth to power". I would be much happier if the media made even a cursory effort to speak truth to me".

I am really interested in inside dirt from Guardian story conferences? Did it all kick off? Were punches thrown? I can just see Madeleine Bunting screaming "leave it Gary he's not worth it" as Timothy Garton Ash throws his chips at Seumas Milne.

What an image.

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