Sunday, February 05, 2006

An Experiment

Go down to the Theatre Royal, Plymouth, currently staging "Jerry Springer - The Opera". Take a few mates.

Cover your faces with scarves so you can't be identified by cameras.

Walk up and down in front of the theatre, holding up placards saying "Butcher those who mock Jesus", "Kill those who insult Jesus".

See if the police will walk calmly alongside you, not arresting you but preventing any annoyed theatre-goers from snatching your placards.


Anonymous said...

Scotland Yard said more than 100 complaints had been received about the nature of Saturday’s protests, but no demonstrators were arrested. “Arrests, if necessary, will be made at the most appropriate time,” it said.

Translated to English this means that when its all gone quiet and maybe only then, will someone just maybe attemtp to make an arrest.
I was appauled to see those placard carrying anonymous youths being protected by Police Officers, if it had been white Christians doing the same ?

News reports over a hundred complaints for all religious and political channels, yet go on the radio and make a comment and the police appear very soon, attempt to post a hetrosexual poster next to a gay one and the same result.
Carry a placard urging death, mayhem,murder and suicide bombs and what do the police say, read above ?????

P. Froward said...

So where's that courageous iconoclast Harold Pinter, in all this? If he's got the kind of raw guts it takes to stand up to the Yankee imperialists, surely he's champing at the bit to put his ass on the line for free speech? Right?

Pinter? Beuller? Anyone?

Chris said...

I've got no problem with the police not arresting them on site. I don't doubt for a second that if they had tried to arrest people a riot would have kicked off resulting in people being attacked. If however the police don't identify and arrest those who wrote these slogans then it will just be well rubbish.

yoy said...

yes Chris but do you honestly and I mean honestly think that if the placards had read "Butcher those who mock Jesus", "Kill those who insult Jesus" that there wouldn't have been any arrests?

Thought not

The Police's job is to uphold the law and deal with the consequences of the actions they take, not to 'take a view'

Georgia_Orwell said...

Someone should send this suggestion to The Sun. I reckon they would do it as they love doing such things.