Sunday, September 25, 2005

Inappropriate Religious Metaphor Watch

There can't be that many forms of employment which could survive being shown in a Sunday newspaper with a rolled up fiver in your nose and a line of white powder on the table. Few train drivers, machine operators or helpdesk assistants would find the paycheck unaffected and the police uninterested.

Yet for the Indie's Tim Luckhurst, 'Kate's crucifixion' is a tale of fashion labels 'buckling' under the pressure of the hideous tabloids. One in particular. You'll never guess.

At the Daily Mail the former Cosmopolitan editor Marcelle D'Argy Smith focused on Moss's commercial interests. Calling the fashion houses that refused to sack Moss "greedy profiteers", she said. Do I think companies are cynical for not firing her? ... Of course." It was too much for the grey men at H&M.

What a bunch of dull old squares, eh ?

H&M rejected the compassionate option of asking Moss to clean up her act. But it knows that cocaine use is rife among models.

Your point being ? In the Catholic Church it is known that child abuse is rife among some priests.

But that doesn't stop us, when we find out about it, breaking all their fingers - before nailing them to their own front doors.

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