Sunday, September 25, 2005

Bash That Bishop One More Time

There is one thing to be said for the Church of England. It is an exceedingly broad church. Having moved in a generation from 'The Tory Party At Prayer' to 'Guardian Readers interfacing with each other over a broad range of problematic contemporary issues", it has not expelled the traditionalists, with their old fashioned views on sin and redemption. They are still free to speak their mind.

In the New Criterion, the Reverend Peter Mullen has certanly spoken his.

At the Wedding, for instance, the new official book for every parish, Common Worship, makes the priest pray, “Let them be tender with each other’s dreams.” I think there should be a rubric in the margin saying, “At this point the congregation shall throw up".

Read the whole thing (hat-tip: Face Right), who also recommends this essay, a restatement of Peter Hitchens' thesis in "The Abolition Of Britain".

"Over the last fifty or sixty years decline and change in a sometimes indistinguishable combination have shredded its tradition and its spirit, even its identity. The revolution has been accomplished by peaceful and often imperceptible degrees, but it is a revolution all the same. "

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