Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Obama said he would strengthen the middle class and introduce immigration reform"

Thus BBC Radio Four on the State of the Union address. 

Given that "immigration reform" is Newspeak for "legalise the illegals and invite their friends and family", it seems unlikely the middle class will be strengthened.

The wealthy class, very probably.


BenSix said...

The Republican indifference to immigration seems extremely peculiar - not because of their supposed beliefs but because it is so against their interests. Poor Latinos are about as liable to vote Republican as long-haired Brightonians are to vote UKIP. Even if they match the Democrats for lenience towards migration, the migrants are going back the Donkeys for their economic views. If the Republicans care about their party it would make more sense to concentrate on trying to make the Latinos who are citizens richer.

But they don't seem all that bothered. If a prospective politician has been less than wholly devoted to Israel, though, that's something to panic about.

Ryan said...

The problem that the Republicans have is that they know if they takle a firm stand against immigration they will be portrayed as the racist party and will NEVER win any votes (just as Conservatives are portrayed as such here). Consequently they say nothing. Every time the Democrats get into power they open the door wide to immigrants.

I do get the feeling that the true Republicans have actually given up, which is why the party itself cannot seem to find any credible person to stand at election time. Maybe at the back of their mind they have decided that the only solution for them is civil war because in actuality that is the only way to re-write the American constitution from scratch to reign in the Left. Hence they arm themselves to the teeth and distance themselves from the running of the nation. They seem bent on helping the Left bring the US to some sort of economic "End of Days" scenario. I'm guessing they have realised that when push comes to shove the middle-class and the upper class don't need to rest as much as the rest needs them. Certainly I have heard many middle-class Republicans talking in these kind of terms while their Democratic voting peers really haven't a clue what is happening.

It is the case all over the Democratic world that the need for the radical Left to win votes by importing "low information voters" with low incomes outweights any concerns about the progress of the nation. Consequently Democracy as praticed in the Modern World is all about the Left using various techniques to continually gerrymander the outcome of elections, to counter the rise in numbers of people that have worked out that the Left don't actually have their best interests in mind. Sadly the Left are too stupid to realise this will mean the end of democracy, the end of freedom the end of civilisation and ultimately the end of the radical left.

Anonymous said...

No, the problem with the Republicans is that they're controlled by the neocons, who also have large influence over many Dems.

That's the way modern politics works, a large pressure group spans the political spectrum to control the debate, regardless of who's in power.

As in gay marriage, EU, immigration and anything of any significance.

Anonymous said...

The BBC on 'white flight'

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