Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Numbers ...

Telegraph :

Figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that unemployment was 2.62 million in the three months to September.

The number of non-UK nationals in British employment was 2.56 million, up 147,000 from the same period year earlier.

(That's legal employment of foreign nationals. God knows what the illegal numbers are like ...)


Anonymous said...

"We must be mad, literally mad."

Mr Grumpy said...

Not quite that simple though, is it? This seems to me to be insightful:

JuliaM said...

"This seems to me to be insightful..."

Oh, quite! And at a time when our educational system seems to be deliberately producing more and more of the dim...

Anonymous said...

Its not quite that simple no, but its a factor.

A lot of the reason employers would rather employ foreigners is they often aren't as familar with workers rights as Brits and therefore less likely to kick off.
Its ironic that the Labour government wanted more immigration primarliy to circumvent their own policies.

If you are an employer and you have a choice between.
1. inexperienced 19 year old Brit, who costs money to train up.
2. a 25 year old Pole with 5 years experience, who can start straight away.
For the same money and position.

Its obvious which they are gonna go for.
Besides as Laban pointed out previously the government takes away the one advantage the Brits should have, but giving away taxpayer funded English lessons to foreign workers.

It should be simple to solve this problem, it just needs the government to pay for in work education and training for the young, to stop companies looking else where.

One thing I do find odd though.
I support freedom of private companies to employ who they want, within the law.

But I never understand why the public sector is so keen on employing non-Brits.
You'd think the government would use the public sector to massage the employment figures..
Well I know the already do, ok!
But if it didn't employ so many non Brits, they could do so a lot more.

Do you know the figure for foreign workers in the public sector, Laban?

Anonymous said...

If studies of IQ are correct - its the dim of the world we are importing in huge numbers.

James Higham said...

And bosses prefer Eastern European workers?

Anonymous said...


And yet exam grades rise year on year. It's a 24 carat mystery isn't it.

"But I never understand why the public sector is so keen on employing non-Brits."

Well quite. It's almost as though the public sector is infested with under-achieving self loathing lefties. Never underestimate the right-on group think which pervades these organisations.

Anonymous said...

Its noticible that the public sector employs many non-Brits and that many non-Brits are the beneficiaries. Its almost a circular process.

Anonymous said...

Oh stop it with your hatred of your own people. Of course if you widen the pool of people employers can choose from and the widening is bigger than the original area than you get more form the wider zone. Draw a Venn diagram why don't you.