Friday, November 18, 2011

Cameron vs Merkel

We've seen an interesting spectacle - Chancellor Merkel of Germany lambasting the Greeks and Italians for borrowing and spending too much, and preaching austerity to them.

But now come the French, US and UK, lambasting the Germans for not printing Euros the way the US and UK printed dollars and pounds.

Cameron, representing a highly indebted country with a dreadful balance of payments and a riotous immigrant and underclass population, whose prime export is intelligent natives, will today preach profligacy to the leader of Germany, a nation with none of these problems.

"You want more IMF cash, because you're too squeamish to print? We debauched our currencies - you can damn well debauch yours! And if you don't, there'll be a global depression - and it'll all be Germany's fault!"


Sgt Troy 11th Dragoons said...

"Cameron, representing a highly indebted country with a dreadful balance of payments and a riotous immigrant and underclass population......"

True, but the Germans are being enriched as well

"A third of all children born in Germany belong to immigrant families, but many immigrants are poorly integrated into German society. A new study has shown that Turks in particular are faring poorly in Germany.",1518,603588,00.html

The future for the European peoples is looking seriously bleak

On the finance one of course sympathises with the German position, much more honest than the raddled whore globalism touted by our syphilitic political class.

Otoh, how much more austerity can the Spanish and Greeks etc take?

Looks like the limits have been reached

It was a German project after all

Anonymous said...

If only we had followed a sensible economic policy like Germany

Anonymous said...

The Germans are absolutely right not to print money to pay for the profligacy of Southern European countries. Or for our own, come to that.

The resulting inflation would destroy any short-term benefit, and would lead to far greater trouble further down the line.

The fact is that many Western countries, including the UK and US, are living well beyond our means. We will have to accept a lower standard of living, at least for a time, in order to reduce our deficit and pay off much of our debt.

"Blaming the bankers" will no longer wash. This situation has come about because of excessive public spending and private debt. We are -- quite literally -- all in it together.

The "it" being a word that starts with "sh--".