Monday, May 09, 2011

Savour The Diversity

Well, we know now where some of the hippy boomers and alternative types went. I bet they've got more than a few Type 2 girls.

The irony is that a Green council in Brighton actually does bring a bit of diversity, in the real sense rather than the 'not white' sense, to UK politics. I, for one, welcome Brighton's new Green overladies, and am very glad I'm not bringing up children there.


Ross said...

I'm surprised they didn't pick up Muslim supporters for their anti Iraq War stance.

Laban said...

I don't think there are that many Muslims in Brighton, are there ? If there are, they must think they're living in Sodom-on-Sea.

Cardinal Red said...

Green politics and activism lies very firmly within some of the social traditions of Protestant northern European societies and their descendants elsewhere.

They're probably as dissimilar to how politics works in much of the Third World as it's possible to be, and as only a minor force in the UK they don't offer much in the way of networking opportunities.

Who would you rather seek business contacts with - the local bicycle repair co-op, or a high street clothing chain?

bensix said...

There was a programme (My Brother The Jihadist - it was so BBC3) that met a Muslim convert in Brighton. He'd been a goth but didn't seem to think that was socially isolating enough.