Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unbelievable Fact Of The Day

I noted in the post on Kate Middleton's family tree that the English are pretty much all related to each other. And of course the colonies which became the USA were English projects.

Every single US President bar one (Martin Van Buren) is a descendant of King John I of England.

Including Obama (who's also descended from (inter alia) King Edward I (Longshanks) of England, King Henry III of England, King Henry II of England, King Henry I of England, King William I (the Bastard) of England, Count Baldwin of Flanders and his daughter Matilda, King Robert Capet I of France, King Louis I of France, and Charlemagne). Obama also shares a common descent through Richard Eltonhead with Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain.

Not to mention apparently being descended, along with George Washington, from Halfdan The Old and through him from the Norse god Odin.


Anonymous said...

well I thought there was no-one more 'Irish'? than Barack Obama..

Laban said...

I think he's got Irish blood too - isn't he going to visit the ould sod soon?

dearieme said...

Almost all the monarchs you list as "English" were Frenchmen or Normans.

Laban said...

Ok ... they were kings of England. And anyway, that makes Obama even more of a Viking, given the Norman origins. Mind, I have my doubts about those claims to divine origin - I think we'd have to see the original birth certificates from Halfdan back to Odin. Odin's wife was Freya, so he's descended from two gods, and has two days of the week named after his forebears.

AndrewWS said...

Very nice for him, but is he (like the Queen) descended from the Prophet Mohammed?