Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hot New Revelations of Things We Already Knew

1) Kosovo is run by very nasty gangsters

2) There's a lot of corruption in Africa

3) and Russia

4) and all those '-stan' states that used to be Soviet

5) Blair's outreach to Muslims after 7/7 made little progress. Obviously greater efforts and concessions are called for.

6) African leaders love Chinese investment - no seminars on capacity building, no human rights debate, not much in the way of talk at all, they just crack on and build whatever it is.

7) our electric bills are about to go through the roof to enable our Government's (and the EU's) green fantasies. Stand by for more frozen pensioners as another tenner a week goes onto electric bills.

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Anonymous said...

I see (shock horror) La Toynbee thinks there might also be one or two more people aboard the bus than there have been tickets sold.


Since these apparu would no doubt vote for the No-Controls-R-Us Labour party given a fraction of a chance, Gordon's #1 Groupie is naturally horrified at their predicament.