Friday, October 01, 2010

I keep reading CiF threads in the Guardian where the right-on castigate the xenophobes and racists who've somehow turned up on the threads.

That's nowt to what you'll get when the Chinese People's Daily takes a pop at India. A lot of history gets dug up. Seem to be nearly all Indian commenters except for perhaps a few Pakistani nay-sayers. A fascinating cross-section of views.

"The Chinese are so drunk on their power and they are working hard to destroy our nation using every means possible, including arming the Maoists and giving nukes to Pakistan. This is only because they feel threatened by our rise and want absolute and uncontrolled domination over our people. But their children will pay, for if they fail to destroy us, the rest of our people will hate them for the next 1000 years for what their people are doing now."
It's not all jingoists though :

China should abandon its policy of being condescending towards neighbours who are smaller in size, population, etc.China should first learn the art of speaking to disgruntled elements within itw own territory as India has been doing. Without resolving the issue of tibet and the far western corners of xinchiang through methods that are peaceful, China cannot aspire to gain the confidence of the rest of the world, leave alone its neighbourhood.


Unknown said...

Laban, I'm thinking of forming a self-help group for people like you and me.

We evidently share a common mental condition that compels us to visit CiF. I am ashamed to admit that I usually go there for my fix at least once per day.

Exposure to left wing hypocrisy and stupidity is frustrating and stressful, and posting a considered response to most lefties nearly always solicits a mindless tirade of abuse.

Why do we do it? Can we ever be saved?

Laban said...

To bear witness, John. To stand up and say 'not so !'

Anonymous said...

John & Laban, please keep up the good work. I particularly value contributions which invoke the standard "get back to Mail" / "Murdoch paywall" responses, as these indicate the paucity of the leftie arguments.