Thursday, September 23, 2010

From The Moral High Ground ...

Sunny Hundal at Lib Con asks :

“Why do media orgs report ethnicity of terrorist suspects?”

Not a clue, Sunny, not a clue.

Tell you what.

Why don’t you ask the guy who wrote “Another White Terrorist Against ‘Non-British’ Caught”?

UPDATE - I did point out his inconsistencies a fair while back :

I'll pass over the fact that he seems to be pre-empting the verdict. You could just imagine how Sunny would react if the Mail and Sun started producing 'Another Asian terrorist' headlines every time a wannabe jihadi got banged up - which a year or so back was about every other week. He'd have a fit.
For what it's worth I imagine the occasional 'of Somali/Algerian/whatever origin' that I hear on the news is a little Community Cohesion comfort blanket - a quiet way of pointing out that whoever-it-is is not a second generation Brit who captains the local cricket XI and helps out at the primary school.


DJ said...

Plus, of course, to the Left, the matter of motivation is vitally vital when it comes to distinguishing between hayte crimes and mere, common or garden murders.

Foxy Brown said...

The BBC is most reluctant to provide details on the ethnic background of terrorist suspects. I don't even need to provide evidence to back that statement up. Listen to Today, World at One or PM. Watch Newsnight. The presenters and journalists are not exactly subtle in the displaying of their racial sensitivities.