Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Payback Time"

David Cameron has arrived in India for a visit he hopes will inject new energy into Anglo-Indian relations and help build trade links between the nations. The prime minister, on his first visit to Asia since taking office, is being accompanied by several senior Cabinet colleagues and UK business leaders.

The government regards India as a vital regional and economic partner in the drive to boost exports and investment.

If India's a 'partner', why are we giving her foreign aid, especially when she has a space program and nuclear weapons ?

Mr Cameron travelled from Turkey where he pledged to help its EU entry bid.

Ah, yes. Doubtless driven by that grass-roots Tory pressure for a few million Turks to come to the UK.

Cameron can talk of partnership as much as he likes. Indian businessmen aren't stupid.

"Recently there was speculation that Anil Ambani, one of the richest men in India, might buy Liverpool football club. There was much debate on Indian television of the merits of owing a Premier League club. One participant suggested it was payback time to the British for the East India Company. The presenter cut in sharply, saying: "We paid them back a long time ago. I thought the Indians owned most of the British businesses worth having. We don't need to buy a football club to demonstrate that."

The rest of the panel roared with laughter.."

As Churchill put it in a slightly different context : "It makes one flush to read the comments which were made behind the scenes about our country and its representatives."


Shlomo said...

I'd like to know what some of those companies are (any other than Tata [owned by Parsees] in the FTSE 100?).

Sgt Troy said...

The moronic Cable is drivelling on about an open economy and "the most liberal immigration policy possible".

This is hardly consistent with the following

1) The UK economy will never be "re-balanced" on the basis of an open economy - that is contrary to all sense and historical experience

2) Not exactly helpful for the 70 graduates chasing one job or the millions of unemployed and underemployed in the UK

3) As usual it's one way traffic because India remains strongly protectionist.

Some thoughts

Westminster "democracy" has well and truly run out of road. It is utterly corrupt - if it wasn't we wouldn't be where we are. Only an idiot would repose any further hope in this miserable, wretched crew.

One might have hoped that a Cromwell would eventually emerge - a soldier/Westminster politician; but there appears to be no chance of that. The men of 1641 cannot be compared to the scum of 2010.

Our only good-hearted, soundly patriotic politician is long dead. Would a Powellite Party still be possible though as the living are so utterly futile?

The only hope, if you can call it that, that I can see is a military one; that eventually a senior military commander will stage a coup when things have degenerated into a pretty enough pickle - which it is inevitable that they will starting with October's devastating cuts. In this context the army's impending defeat in Afghanistan, added to the Basra ignominy, could be extremely significant. The banksters just took what they want, so why shouldn't the soldiery? At least they might be actuated by some patriotic motives. Think Invergordon, and then some. Would some Royal come forward and help in the supreme crisis? Cry Harry, England and St George?

"I'll so offend to make offence a skill; / Redeeming time when men think least I will." Henry IV Part 1

We need a new start, we need to start again. We need a spring-clean; it means starting from a low base - but the alternative is a descent into hell, and that's no alternative at all.

National dissolution is now so far advanced that "democratic" solutions are no longer a viable consideration

Laban said...

The chances of a military coup are zero - nor would I welcome one. The British people voted themselves here - they'll have to vote their way out.

Sgt Troy said...


"The British people voted themselves here"

Well I guess I must have missed the elections where the British people voted for

Mass immigration
The European Union
An "open economy" whereby vital assets built up over generations to be sold to foreigners

Who would you suggest "voting" for at this juncture laban?

You know as well as I do as this is not a democracy but an "elective dictatorship" - even the referendum on AV, for what it's worth, looks like being scuppered by Labour and Tories

The plain truth is that the traitors who call the shots here are little preferable to those who did India down 250 years ago

"Indostan was always an absolute despotic government. The inhabitants, especially of Bengal, in inferior stations, are servile, mean, submissive, and humble. In superior stations, they are luxurious, effeminate, tyrannical, treacherous, venal, cruel."


All the main parties - and UKIP - are into an "open economy", which is short-hand for bankster stooges and excerable traitors.

Do we alleviate our woes by voting for them laban? Is that what you suppose that we should do?

Obviously there is no prospect of a coup(perhaps headed by a royal for England is a monarchical country at bottom) at the moment. But the country has been fundamentally de-stabilised - economically, ethnically, socially. The ties that bind have been wilfully evaporated. It is a racing certainty that there will be a very sharp dip in living standards as rising population meets shrinking real economy. A prolonged Depression and a period of prolonged instability seems more than likely. The bankster game has run out(indeed it might still precipitate a death spiral) and so has the borrowing game; all is empty, all is hollowed out

From this the opportunity to save the nation may come. It will not come from the existing political classes, as Edward Sexby said at Putney in 1647, "we have gone to support an house which will prove rotten studs - I mean the Parliament, which consists of a company of rotten members"

Nothing is to be expected from this nest of vipers save more treachery.
If development does not occur on the lines that I have indicated Laban and patriotic forces do not take a hand the nation will die, it will spiral down into a hellish anarchy - a third world future for all.

You told me Laban, "All we can do in the meanwhile is to gather forces of resistance and defence, so that if our rulers should unhappily be wrong, or misled, or deceived, or deceitful, we can at the worst keep body and soul together"

"Our" rulers are traitors and we won't keep body and soul together, we are being systematically destroyed. What you saying here amounts to no more than huddling up and waiting for the barbarians at the start of a new, and terrible, Dark Age - at the hands of people who have no love for us.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

You seem to be attracting a lot of tinfoil-hat wearers today, Laban...

Laban said...

Nonetheless, Sgt, the frogs have stayed in the pot despite the ever increasing temperature.

AgainsTTheWall said...

Nonetheless, Sgt, the frogs have stayed in the pot despite the ever increasing temperature.

I agree with Laban on this point. The small minority who understand the situation must work towards building a separate community so that hopefully at some time in an unknown future we can secede.

The frogs will never 'get' the nationalist message and the BNP is wasting it time and money playing the Westminster game.

Sgt Troy said...

"Nonetheless, Sgt, the frogs have stayed in the pot despite the ever increasing temperature."

Well the molecules in the pot are agitated but it is not yet close to boiling point, Laban


This isn't a question of nationalism, which of course has aggressive conotations - but rather of the survival of an indigenous people under extreme threat.

Seperate communities are problematical for several reasons from the indigenous point of view.

Firstly we are being overwhelmed by a demographic tsunami.

Secondly the filthy regime refuses to recognise us, it doesn't matter how much you holler about Cheddar Man and the genetics and the real history as opposed to malignant left liberal Commie invention; they don't take a blind bit of notice. Our rights under the UN Declaration are simply not recognised because our existence as an indigenous people is not recognised.

This means we cannot organise legally because regime law will not allow us to do so, though of course they fall over themselves to recognise other ethnicities they have allowed to settle here and indeed often fund their organisations. It should be clearly understood that these are Imperial divide and rule tactics that are being used against us.

We should not as a matter of sacred principle aquiesce in any notion of secession(apart from tactical considerations) ; if we do that we will lose the lot

The frogs are understandably confused. But the terms of what passes for debate are set by the "soft totalitarian state"


The heavy-handed moderation on CIF tells its own story. The Liberal-left is in a distinct minority in the country; making your own rules and making a lot of noise does not legitimacy confer.

Universities were crawling with Trotskyites, International Marxists and other such maggots in the late sixties and seventies. Noboby ever voted for them of course, but by burrowing away they set the agenda for all they seemed a joke at the time - these creatures howled down the noble Enoch!

There is really only one way to deal with this situation

paul ilc said...

"I thought the Indians owned most of the British businesses worth having. We don't need to buy a football club to demonstrate that.
The rest of the panel roared with laughter.."

They are deluding themselves, of course.

In the world rankings of industrial output, the UK at $508bn is fifth (ahead of France, Italy, S Korea, etc) and India is 14th at $231bn. (Source: Pocket World in Figures, 2009. The Economist)

Ivan said...

Indians are some of the biggest bullshiters around. Till today they have not been able to build a decent trainer plane for the air force, or a car all by themselves (the Nano is a joke). All the fat cats prospered by manipulating the licence raj and paying off the politicians. I can understand it if the Japanese or Koreans make these claims. But Indians whose biggest export is labour, should be a little more circumspect. I say this as an Indian myself. They got into the software business by eating IBM's lunch in the backroom business. Do you know of any programming languages or computer applications that these curry guys invented. Or check any online forum on hard-core computing, you will find that the hardest questions are answered mostly by the Europeans. The Indians generally make a big show and blow a lot of smoke, quite unlike the reliable Germans who answer precisely to the point. In general the only thing more irritating than a boastful Indian is a vain Pakistani.

Anonymous said...

India is our partner eh?

For starters what about that 30% odd tariff agiant our goods? Perhaps we should impose the same on theirs.

The logic of the famed Indian call centre would be looking somewhat shakaier under those rules.

I may have mentioned this before once or thrice.

We are giving aid to India, our govt also talked about aid to support Tata here to maintain Jaguar Land Rover. Tata meanwhile are talking about moving production to India, because of that tariff.

And of course when Rover were going down the pan the British govt wouldnt lift a finger. Indian jobs and jobs at Indian firms are so much more important - somehow.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be attracting a lot of tinfoil-hat wearers today, Laban...

I take it Mr Yachtsman that you see no real causes for concern, we will navigate through the shoals, the economic, demographic, political disasters, and safe through with our 'system' intact.

Sgt Troy said...

"I take it Mr Yachtsman that you see no real causes for concern"

The Yachtsman will doubtless be on his yacht, the British people on their knees

"Britain will see its population swell from today's 62.2 million to 77 million, an increase of 24 per cent.
This will make it bigger than France, projected to be 70 million and Germany, which is predicted to have 71.5 million citizens."


We don't have the resources to sustain the current population at current living standards, that is what the economic crisis means. A population of 77 million, half of whom would be of immigrant stock, would be the most desperate hell-hole, remisicent of some of the places they'd come from.

However it is certain that the situation will go tits up well before 2050, before 2020 in my view

Laban's stance does not seem to match the gravity of the position, and offers a frankly desperate prescription

"All we can do in the meanwhile is to gather forces of resistance and defence, so that if our rulers should unhappily be wrong, or misled, or deceived, or deceitful, we can at the worst keep body and soul together"

The sky has grown very dark over England. It is urgently necessary for the proper conclusion to be drawn from this dire situation - particularly by the appropriate people.

paul ilc said...

"For starters what about that 30% odd tariff agiant our goods? Perhaps we should impose the same on theirs."

Er...No! If they put rocks in their harbour, why should we put rocks in ours?
Their protectionism makes their people poorer, because they have to pay more for imported goods and services. Our relative open-ness to foreign trade (EU permitting of course!) means we can buy Indian goods cheaply, making us better off.

Anonymous said...

Paul - that overlooks the fact that they still have the tariff. Its not a position of free trade. The tariff is not some theoretical example, its real. British goods & services sold to to India incur it, not so the other way.

Indians may be worse off as a result, thats their problem.

Either we both impose tariffs or neither of us do, you would prefer the latter. Either way the terms of trade have been levelled.

But thats theoretical, they are not level because the Indians are still imposing tariffs.

For how long are we supposed to selflessly shaft ourselves for the good of economic theory and a world of free trade. Another decade, how about two?

The Indians (and Chinese) get to indulge in the benefits of free trade while we bleed ourselves on the alter of the same. They can certainly see the benefits of this arrangement.

Its not those in the west who want to change these terms who you should be taking issue with. Its those, like India, who are blatently not playing by the supposed rules.

Laban said...

Sgt - you really should have your own blog.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we have a special relationship with Brazil or Russia?

Anonymous said...

I keep saying that - the Sarge should blog.

Anonymous said...


you and your readers might be interested in this article from GoV.

It explains why so many UK Pakistanis are from Mirpur.



Sgt Troy said...

"The plan collapsed. One hundred years later it was resurrected, this time with the help of the World Bank, the British, and a conglomerate of US construction firms. But instead of relocating the people somewhere in Pakistan, a plan was devised to provide them with monetary compensation and a chance to migrate to Britain.

Thousands took up the offer.

“The first group went in 1958,” says Khalil. “The second in 1962. In both cases, the head of the household went first, bringing over his family once he had a chance to see what life was like there. That trend has continued to this day.”..

Unfortunately the ridiculous British government of the day never thought to ask the British people whether they wanted this alien influx.

58 and 62 was a bit late for these Imperial tactics

Sgt Troy said...

I drove up the Stratford Rd towards the centre of Brum today

It's a tidal wave

Anonymous said...

Sgt Troy,

Stratford in London is very similar, although pretty relaxed in general.


Sgt Troy said...


"Stratford in London is very similar, although pretty relaxed in general."

I would be pretty relaxed if I was taking over someone else's country while they bankrupted themselves to facilitate it