Saturday, January 02, 2010

Police Shoot Intruder At Home of Danish Cartoonist

The Telegraph say the intruder was a Somali and he had an axe. The BBC say he was 'a man' and had a hammer (whether he intended to bring about love between the brothers and the sisters all over this land - or any other land - is unclear).

But what seems indisputable is that the intruder in the home of Kurt Westergaard was shot. May a similar fate attend all who disturb his domestic peace !

UPDATE - the BBC have updated their story,which was breaking news at midnight last night. One or two commenters have pointed out that "in the wake of the Nigerian with the incendiary underpants, al-Beeb appears to be adhering less rigourously to the MONA rule.". If I understand him correctly, the Dumb One posits that the Nigerian-ness of the underpants man is being emphasised in order to de-emphasise his religion.


Edwin Greenwood said...

To be fair to al-Beeb, the World Service and subsequently Radio 4 have been mentioning that the attack is Somali and that he was carrying axe (or hatchet), hammer and knife since at least 05:00 this morning. As best my insomniac brain can recall, any way.

Edwin Greenwood said...

... the attacker ...

(Told you I was befuddle with lack of sleep, didn't I?)

Sgt Troy said...

Denmark for the Danes and Somalia for the Somalis

Clearly attacks and threats inhibit free speech, to put it mildly

Mark said...

In the wake of the Nigerian with the incendiary underpants, al-Beeb appears to be adhering less rigourously to the MONA rule.

Firstly, as Edwin points out, Westergaard's attacker is clearly identified as Somali.

Secondly, closer to home, comes the admission that the suspect in the latest 'nightclub shooting' is (wait for it) a 'black male'-

It must be because it's holiday time, and the underlings running the show at the moment aren't adequately house-trained.

Sgt Troy said...

I don't think the regime multi-culti mouthpiece is guilty as charged in this instance laban

Of course more generally the case is proven. My recent favourite was provided by the Daily Stasi. There was that rapist who had attacked lots of old ladies in London, the suspect was clearly West Indian, given the DNA and victim ID. But the Mirror, when the suspect was arrested, was pleased to publish a "terror identikit", no less, on its appalling front page. The terror identikit would have served admirably for Donald Neilson, the Black Panther, but not for the rapist monster in question.

jamesandy said...

the BBC have refreshed their story, which was breaking news at midnight the previous evening. Write my Essay Maybe a couple analysts have called attention to that "in the wake of the Nigerian with the flammable underpants, al-Beeb has all the earmarks of being clinging less rigorously to the MONA run the show.".