Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Art of Football

On Boxing Day, being in Sarf London, we took a trip down to Kingsmeadow to see the reborn Dons, AFC Wimbledon, beat Hayes and Yeading 5-0. Although a Baggies fan, I'd watched the Dons in their 80s glory days at the Lane and got soaked at Huddersfield on that radiation-rainy day when they made the top flight.

At the end of this video of the game, the camera shows this flag at the Tempest End.

Intrigued, I googled the phrase and found this. It appears that enigmatic artist-in-residence Fleydon premieres all his new works at Kingsmeadow.

Inspired by sources from the great masters :

Via the socialist realism of Soviet Russia :

Through iconic images of the 40s :

To cutting-edge modern imagery - all sorts, in fact.

(and it's £2 for kids and £6 for students at Kingsmeadow. A whacking tray of chips is £1.50 and the tea is made with real teabags. What more could one want from a footy club?)


Sgt Troy said...

Interesting Laban, I support the Baggies too

Bomber Brown and all that

Laban said...

Those were the days.


"Fraser, Williams"

"Brown, Talbut, Kaye"

"7, 8, Astle, Hope, Clark"

the nos 7 and 8 positions never quite solidified - Graham Lovett and Ian Collard played in the 68 final.

Sgt Troy said...

"the nos 7 and 8 positions never quite solidified - Graham Lovett and Ian Collard played in the 68 final."

They did buy Colin Suggett and Alan Glover for 100k apiece, big money then. Waste of money, especially Glover

Laban said...

ah yes, Glover, the teenage sensation from Leicester IIRC.

They had another good side a few years later when people like Asa Hartford and Len Cantello broke through, then again with the Giles/Atkinson lineups.

Robson,Cunningham,Regis,Giles,Johnston - that was a useful front line.

Laban said...

thinking about it, Glover came from QPR. Amazing, the stuff in the back-room of the brain. Now who did we buy from Leicester around that time ? Suggett was from Sunderland IIRC.

David Cross came IIRC from Leicester, but that was later.