Sunday, January 10, 2010


Round here the snow has stayed as perfect powder since it fell on Tuesday - it's been so cold. Not good for snowballs as it doesn't cling, but lovely to kick up in great clouds. Yesterday it took three kettles of boiling water to unfreeze the chickens' drink dispenser.

This morning it feels positively tropical - only half a kettle needed for unfreezing, and walking the dog you could feel the snow compressing under the feet. It must be only around freezing or possibly a tad above.


JuliaM said...

Same here. Rapidly melting, didn't need to scrap the car off at all.

Just 12 hours after the Met Office predicted more snow! more snow coming! big freeze! we're all gonna die!

Foxy Brown said...

Funnily enough, I shall miss the snow. For while the wintry weather has disrupted the smooth ebb and flow of life, the Blitz spirit most definitely triumphed.

Read this wonderful post.


Mark said...

The thaw is back on hold again here tonight- and the snow is falling steadily, covering the clear patches exposed by the thaw.

'Blocking highs' in winter have become so rare in the last dozen or so years. It seems that the Met Office's ability accurately to forecast in such conditions has taken a corresponding nosedive.

Anonymous said...

Here in Australia we seem to have been sent your share of climate warming. It will be 40C+ today and that is warm.
You can have it all back if you want.

Blognor Regis said...