Sunday, September 20, 2009

Your Postal Vote Frauds Tonight ....

When the local Respect councillor in Sparkbrook went bankrupt (actually got nailed for not paying his tax or NI) , Labour were hoping to retake the seat. Respect kept it.

And, in the time-honoured tradition of Bordesley Green, Aston etc,we have allegations of massive vote fraud.

Police are investigating the worst outbreak of voter fraud at a Birmingham City Council election for five years (i.e. since the previous council elections in the area - LT).

Almost 400 postal votes cast at Thursday’s Sparkbrook ward by-election – a third of the total issued – were rejected as likely forgeries.

Council officials, backed by the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, called in the police after saying they suspected an organised plot to influence the result of the by-election, which was won by Respect candidate Shokat Ali.

In 2004, Birmingham was likened to a “banana republic” by Elections Commissioner Richard Mawrey QC, who investigated hundreds of forged ballot papers at that year’s city council elections.

Birmingham Labour leader Sir Albert Bore said those behind the alleged fraud at Sparkbrook had attempted to destroy the electoral process.

Sir Albert added: “Nearly 400 postal vote ballot papers were rejected because of inconsistencies in either the date of birth or the signature of the elector.

“It is appalling that even after a number of very public concerns and enquires into postal vote fraud, the election process in Sparkbrook has been undermined by individuals who have, in a number of ways, attempted to submit postal vote ballot papers of electors other than themselves.

“The fact that around 30 per cent of all postal votes cast – and there were almost 1,800 postal votes cast in this by-election – were rejected clearly illustrates the magnitude of the fraud being perpetuated.

Birmingham’s reputation for honesty and integrity at election times has again been undermined.”

But it hasn't got such a reputation. It's got a reputation for fraud and dishonesty that would disgrace a banana republic - or in Brum's case, a kuthlama republic..

Be interesting to see who the fraud was in favour of. My money's on Labour, although they've pretty much all - except Respect - got previous. Grudging but sincere credit to Respect, who are actually against postal voting.


JuliaM said...

They could always do some foresnsic work, maybe take some DNA....

Oh. Hang on.

Sgt Troy said...

Some classics here from the high priestess of diversity aka alien colonisation Yamin “I want white men to be a lost species in 100 years time “ Alibhai-Brown.

“I never read the raving racists online but those who do tell me how revolting it is getting out there in the blogosphere. Ugly populism is fast food for the disillusioned.”

Obviously wanting to see the end of white men isn’t racist, but she might be well be advised to read the blogs and see which way the wind is blowing, after all it wouldn’t be the first time. that her lot have been asked to leave, and screeching harridans are rarely popular

“In high-migrant areas, extra funds are urgently needed to ease pressure on other inhabitants. Our least productive districts are those with static populations, but the most deprived should not pay for the indisputable economic benefits of immigration”

Incredible – the rightful indigenous people are relegated to “other inhabitants”, a short step to non-persons. And aside from the patently obvious consideration that there aren’t any extra funds, they’ve already had them, if these migrants are so productive how come they want all this extra money we don’t have anyway? As for the absurd assertion about static population areas, by which the interloping hag means our people, what the hell is that based upon? And as for these “indisputable” alleged benefits various researchers have failed to ascertain them; including of course an HOL committee

Read this and then deny Amin had a point

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"Birmingham Labour leader Sir Albert Bore said those behind the alleged fraud at Sparkbrook had attempted to destroy the electoral process."

What, Labour complaining about postal vote fraud?

The obvious comment would be "They don't like it up 'em"

Homophobic Horse said...

" “I want white men to be a lost species in 100 years time “ '

Murdering Kulaks was anti-capitalist as well.

Anonymous said...

No white also means no white women.

Anonymous said...


No white men also means no white women.

Anonymous said...

"the indisputable economic benefits of immigration" - Yasmin Aliratbag Brown

A classic! And what are the indisputable benefits of immigration? Pound to a penny she doesnt say.

There is, literally, no disputing the word indisputable. The benfits must tower head and shoulders above the those of restrictionists.

Another fave Ive heard is the manifest benefits of immigration. So manifest it would tiresome to actually list them - anywhere.

Homophobic Horse said...

In related but more interesting news, Radovan Karadzic is in the Hague and his trial will begin soon. He will fight his case on the grounds that he is not guilty of genocide because Republic Srbska was in fact defending itself from Muslim aggression enabled by the Clinton administration who permitted the arming of Bosnian Mujahadeen with Iranian weaponry.

Make no mistake, the multiculturalist, the "anti-racism" fanatics, the Islamophiles are all going to get their Naked Lunch.

Anonymous said...

seen Ed West's blog today, it is very good and it compliments you, again?


Sgt Troy said...

"Make no mistake, the multiculturalist, the "anti-racism" fanatics, the Islamophiles are all going to get their Naked Lunch."

Indeed, and I believe defeat in Afghanistan will be a key consideration here; incidentally the prospects for liberal democracy in Sparkbrook and Afghanistan must be about the same.

However an embittered army will return to a bankrupt country. whose cohesion has been gratuitously destroyed.

Somebody's going to pay, and let's face facts lefties - it's going to be you

Laban said...

Amin was a homicidal loony, Sgt - and even more racist than Yazza.

Re that 'lost species in a hundred years' quote. Where's the actual Yazza source for that ?

I think it highly unlikely she said that (she was probably talking about 'old-fashioned' Brits) - after all, she's married to a white man, but I'm prepared to be proved wrong.

And Sgt, a few blogs do not a political movement make. The wind was blowing against mass immigration in 1968, too. Much good it did.

Sgt Troy said...

"but I'm prepared to be proved wrong."

There you are laban, you are wrong

"What's wrong with white guys, by the way?"

To which Alibhai-Brown replied:

"I don't like them. I want them to be the lost species in 100 years".

“And Sgt, a few blogs do not a political movement make. The wind was blowing against mass immigration in 1968, too. Much good it did”

I’d tend to see Enoch as John the Baptist; his treatment just showed how utterly unrepresentative the political system actually is. Of course neither where we bankrupt in 1968 as we are now. The ancien regimes in France and England no doubt comforted themselves with the notion that a few anti-regime pamphleteers did not constitute a serious threat to their position, but they were misguided. Here I would draw distinct parallels between the enforced multi-culturalism/diversity of the soft totalitarian regime here now and the religious uniformity that Charles I attempted to impose; which started to unravel in Scotland, a not insignificant parallel I think – for a rotten regime will tend to start to lose control of the periphery. Just as ominous, from the regime point of view, the French Revolution was precipitated by the bankruptcy of the state.

Nobody has a crystal ball but there is a massive political vacuum here in circumstances of imminent financial and social collapse which I hope will be filled by patriotic forces determined upon national salvation. The attitude of the armed forces will be crucial, and the wretched experience in Afghanistan will no doubt help shape these attitudes. I hope that a Cromwell figure will emerge for truly, thanks to banksters, liberals and commies we are entering Hobbesian times – Leviathan is preferable to anarchy. To save the nation will require hard, ruthless actions. Cromwell cut the head off the king when that was absolutely necessary to put an end to the Civil Wars in England, he gave no quarter to Royalists in arms at Drogheda – because he had to do it. “Necessity hath on law” he said, it was true then, it will be true from 2010 on. There really is nothing to hold the rotten bankrupt rag-bag together