Thursday, June 25, 2009

What A Shame ...

It's being reported that Michael Jackson has died of a heart attack.

The Boy Who Never Grew Up, or the Man Who Never Was A Child ?


Anonymous said...

Paedophiles out

Dammitall! said...

Sick (!) comments from my mobile phone:
1) Well he shouldn't have suffocated, he had an extra nostril, didn't he?
2) It was said he died of cardiac arrest in the hospital car-park, but it's now thought he had a stroke in the childrens' ward.
3)He has willed his body to be recycled: into carrier bags, so that he can be white, plastic, and a danger to children.
4) All his future dates have been cancelled: that's Darren (aged 9), Wayne (aged 11)and Jimmy who is 10.

My own comment is more formal:

"Kindly Dame Nature, acting for the best,
Arranged for him a Cardiac Arrest,
To spare the trouble of the Other Sort -
And save him Policemen, Handcuffs, Cells and Court"