Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Ska

Soulful vocals, shaky trumpet, paramilitary drumsteps - what's not to like ? From 1964 or thereabouts, Marguerite :

The lovely Ms Mahfood was murdered a year or so later by boyfriend and trombonist Don Drummond, after she came home at 3 am.

While we're 'down yard way' this blog has a list, not of Huntingdonshire cabmen, but of Jamaican buses.

"As the bus travels from Kingston to Ocho Rios, and it approaches FlatBridge and takes that "leaning" motion, you can only pray that God is listening to your prayers".

Fancy getting on a bus emblazoned with the name "Skank Special" ? Or "Expendable" ?


Anonymous said...

I hate how ska has become the soundtrack to cheery whitebread supermarket ad's.

Edwin Greenwood said...

Unfortunately that opening photograph made me think firstly of a bloke in drag and then of Wilson, Keppel and Betty.

I think I'll finish my coffee and go back to bed until I'm feeling less crabby.

The Adolescent 46 Year Old said...

Agreed with 'Anonymous'. It's the kind of thing you imagine some prat like Jamie O'Liver insisting is playing while he's doling out his inedible crap to the implausible mix of people who are always at his 'parties'...

Anonymous said...

Not ska-related but on the proximity of a performance to the performer's death, I'd like to mention King Curtis who was murdered mere hours after his astonishing rendition of Whiter Shade of Pale. This famously opens Withnail and I.