Monday, April 27, 2009

Hmm ...

We've all had words with the missus and felt a bit cross ... but all the same.

A Moscow police chief went on a killing spree early today after arguing with his wife at a celebration for his 32nd birthday.
While the whole thing is terribly sad and he should be shot or locked away for life, it's this bit that struck me :

The gun Mr Yevsyukov used had been recorded as missing from a criminal inquiry in Chechnya since 2000, a spokesman for the Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor-General's Office said.
Hmm. A gun goes missing from an enquiry in Chechnya in 2000 - and ends up in a senior officer's house in Moscow in 2009. The guy had only been in the force since 2005. That's what Moscow police are telling us. What is the story, I wonder ?

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