Thursday, November 06, 2008

Once is happenstance ...

... twice is coincidence

... three times is enemy action.

Samizdata note what appears to be a concerted move by the government towards restricting bloggers.

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Dammitall! said...

Strikes me that Blears doesn't want herself or her friends to be truly "challenged": it's the holders of genuinely traditional or of innovatively dissident opinions that are to be "challenged", by being repressed, ignored, or parodied by her and her like.
Would she accept a challenge to debate with, say, a holocaust revisionist, or a member of the NF? She would probably recycle the Thatcherite "oxygen of publicity" phrase.
Two tiny points:1) local newspaper editors are being leaned on de-emphasise crimes where the perps could be identified as immigrants: this is to avoid further damage to "community relations". This means that a lot of information that could have aroused bloggers' comments won't actually get as far as the net, from which much of their raw material is drawn, and
2) I can't find any of the sites associated with "The League of the South", or dixieNet, nor can I find any mention of what's happened to them. Have Google closed them off? This may just be a technical glitch, but it MIGHT be designed to limit public airing of - and hence blogging about - issues that would offend and frighten people like Blears.