Friday, November 07, 2008

"the blood of the Romans"

Decent of Bilal Abdulla to identify us with the mighty empire of two thousand years back.

The draft will continues: "God has blessed us the ability to lick the blood of the Romans (a reference to westerners] as you have done before us in the past."

The court heard Abdulla went on to rail against "the Kingdom of Evil".

He is alleged to have written: "It destroyed our caliphate, tore apart our unity, defamed and distorted our religion and stabbed us in the heart the day it established that infernal state in our Palestine."

The court was told that, in a reference to conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, he wrote: "Their soldiers kill the young and old. They do not discriminate between men and women, so why should we? If the policy of their army is to kill women and children, then only a similar policy would deter them."

"These people do not care about what is happening in our land as they are all busy with alcoholic drinking and with their intimate friends…these people can only be awakened by the sound of booby traps and the Mujahideen hailing 'God is great'."
Hmmm. "These people do not care about what is happening in our land".

In separate letters, he praised Islamist fighters in Iraq and called on the Muslim community in Britain to "leave this land of unbelievers and atheism before losing your religion".
That's the thing, old chap. Most of "these people" do not care about what's happening in their land, either. I can't help thinking his advice to British Muslims is too pessimistic. Hang on in there, be fruitful and multiply - and you may well find that the mountain does come to Mohammed.