Sunday, November 16, 2008

Help !

It's the son's Christmas quiz, and parents are allowed to help - but this one's a killer.

Where's this building and what is it ? Not a good picture, but the street looks low-rise USA (or perhaps Aus/NZ) and by the shadows the picture's taken from the north, if the time on the clock is 5.40 (it's a bit blurred). It appears to be at the top of a rise, there's a small statue in front of the main clock tower, which appears to have a cross on top and also appears to close off the whole road. But the tower's main feature is the unusual top - bit like corn on the cob.

Has the air of a memorial. I'm sure I've seen the picture somewhere before, but Lord knows where.

The location begins with R. The strange top (despite the cross) made me think Rangoon, but I can't find anything like it on Google images. Tried Raleigh, Roanoke, Rostov, Riga, Rotorua, Rawalpindi, Rappahannock, Richmond. The US seems short of decent sized towns beginning with R.

Any ideas ?


blooKat said...

Thought I'd posted a comment: Reykjavik; there's a clue. A bit like Thiepval, no?

Ross said...

It's in Reykjavik. I didn't know it, but thought it looked kind of Nordic or Germanic, and that was the first Nordic city beginning with R I could think of.

blooKat said...

There you go, Hallgrimmskirkja.


Anonymous said...


I used 'Tineye', an Internet image search site, to look for your tower. It searched over 1 billion images in less than two seconds and came up with nada.


Anonymous said...

It's definitely Reykjavik. It's about the only interesting building in a town built primarily of corrugated iron.

the surrounding aspect may have changed since this image was taken.