Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Duff Speaks

We're Doomed !


David Duff said...

. . . and the world snoozes on, very wise of it, probably.

But anyway, thanks for the link.

dearieme said...

I used to enjoy his blog, in the days when I could read his font.

David Duff said...

'DM', I'm mortified! I increased the font size from the default setting of 13 to 15 with which even my old, tired eyes can cope.

However, I suspect (I know very little of the intricacies of these computer 'thingies') that perhaps it might be a "Display Settings" problem. Forgive me if I have all this wrong but I always insist to my computer man that my screen is set to display everything as large as possible. So, in 'Desk Top' mode I right click anywhere on the screen. This brings up a little list and I then click on "Properties", this brings up another box with a list of tags on the top, of which the one furthest on the right is "Settings". Click on that and you get a little window with a box inside it headed "Screen Resolution" with a sliding pointer that can be moved from "Less" to "More". Move it all the way to "Less" and press "OK" and then everything on your screen comes up to the maximum size.

Sorry if this is preaching to the already 'converted' but I, too, suffer with weak eyesight so I am very sensitive to your problem - Oliver Kamm's font is a real strain for me.

Please let me know if you are still having difficulties because I miss your cryptic comments.

dearieme said...

Thanks, dd.
It does expand the font but unfortunately it also shrinks the screen; the net effect is unsettling. Some Blogs respond to the "View" instruction and some to the ctrl/scroll: I prefer those. The Calculated Risk blog is so super-considerate that I actually need to shrink the font; "View" does the trick nicely.

David Duff said...

'DM, I have changed my font size to 17 and you can see an example of it in the opening phrase of my post entitled "You should sue Al Gore, he's worth more than 'Little Willy'!" Also I intend to publish my next post in that size, so please let me know directly if it is an improvement.

I suspect that because I always have my screen set to magnify as much as possible, I had not realised the difficulties for others with different settings. Anyway, all crits welcome!

dearieme said...

dd, the bit "HAFs (Hot Air Fanatics) are dim-witted, dangerous morons (see Little Willy, passim)" reads v nicely, thank you.

And thanks to LT for hosting this dialogue.

David Duff said...

Good, and also my thanks to Laban for using him as a letter box!