Friday, October 31, 2008

All Your Children Belong To Us

Local "Democracy" Week in action. Background - the proposed travellers site at the delightful Norfolk village of Spooner Row is vehemently opposed by villagers. The village schoolchildren are attending a workshop run by Norwich and Norfolk Race Equality Council, as part of Local Democracy Week.

Mr Wakeman said: "The two people taking the workshop asked the children if they wanted to stand up and make a pledge.

"None of the children stood up because I suspect they felt awkward, but the pledge was read out anyway.

"They were asked to make a series of promises to be kind to gipsy and traveller children, welcome them into the community and not bully them.

"The children were encouraged to put their fingers in the air or their hands on their hearts to signify their acceptance.

"I am very unhappy about any child of primary school age being asked to take any form of pledge to any group in society.

"But it was also of concern because of the heightened level of anxiety felt by many of the pupils' parents about the proposed travellers' site."

Mr Wakeman has now made an official complaint to the council.

The local council, btw, is Tory-controlled. Now I'm in favour of children - and people being nice to each other full stop - even if their parents work for Norwich and Norfolk Race Equality Council. But State (and NNREC will be totally tax-funded) indoctrination ? As the people of Cottenham found out, discrimination and hatred cuts both ways.

Council officers have insisted they knew nothing about the pledge and denied trying to "brainwash children" into accepting the controversial plan.

But one parent, who asked not to be named, said: "It appeared as it the council was targeting children with propaganda to try and get them on side.

"My first thought was that it was disgusting to target children in such an underhand way when so many people oppose the new site."

Spooner Row Primary School head teacher Simon Wakeman said he believed it was "inappropriate" for children to be asked to make the promise.


Anonymous said...

Where I live, there are two options for primary school education. One of them is three miles away, the other eight. Our kids go to the school eight miles away because every year the closer school is disrupted by 'travellers'' kids coming in, fighting and causing all sorts of bother, before being removed a month early to go on extended holidays.
Last year, there were two five or six year olds who were not 'potty trained' and kept soiling their clothes - horrible in itself, but imagine the hassle the teachers face.
One feels desperately sorry for the children of the 'travellers' - who all have nice big Mercedes cars, by the way - but equally I'm not prepared to have my children's education ruined by them.

paul ilc said...

The local council may be Tory-controlled, but the unelected NNREC will be dominated by left-liberals.

In a densely populated, complex and largely urban society, the nomadic way of life is an anachronism and a nuisance. If gypsies don't want to settle down, then they should be gently encouraged to go to another country where they can continue their traditional way of life.

Anonymous said...

to be kind to gipsy and traveller children, welcome them into the community and not bully them

What f*****g fantasy world do these tossers live in?

A handful of knackers can bully an entire class/school. Why? Because they stick together, an attack on one is an attack on all.

Nice liberals are horrified by the thought of 'them' and 'us', so work hard to destroy any conception of 'us'. The tiny flaw in their plan is the knackers. They havnt been brought up to speed on this at all. Lots of special treatment for them. Why its almost as if they are different from the rest of us. Almost as if there really were a 'them' and 'us' after all.

Homophobic Horse said...

Why don't they make the Gypsies put their hand on the heart and promise not steal from the locals?

Martin said...


It was Louis St Just who remarked thatcbhildren were the property of their parents until the age of five, and after that became the property of the Republic. Plus ca change

Anonymous said...

You might be interested in this video interview with Thomas Sowell on 'A Clash of Visions' - vey apposite wrt the US elections.

adolfo said...

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