Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We Have Been Here Before ...

2008 - "Ministers have confirmed plans for more targeting of 110,000 "problematic" families in a bid to cut youth crime."

2001 - "... the estimated 100,000 persistent criminals, said to be responsible for half of all crime, would face serving all their sentences instead of being released early."

Like this guy.

The Government has improved its checks for prisoners who are given early release after a violent Suffolk man stabbed his pregnant girlfriend just hours after being allowed to walk free from jail.

Derek Burns was let out after serving just over two weeks of a 16-week sentence for assaulting his mother-in-law and went straight back to Bury St Edmunds - where he plunged a 25cm knife into 23-year-old Leigh-Anne Hammond's back in front of their four hysterical children ...

... although Burns had previous convictions for violence he had never used a weapon before.