Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Behold, a miracle ! An NHS dentist (a Croatian one, to be precise) has appeared and is taking on patients. The first near me for some fifteen years. A few years back I looked on NHS Direct for a dentist and the nearest was about 30 miles away - I think at Brize Norton over the other side of the Cotswolds - or was it at Heyford ?

There used to be loads, of course - but some time in the 1990s they all went private.

And whether this is just improvements in drugs and techniques, or the application of our tax revenues, or a bit of both, I know not - but a couple of weekends back I was at a gathering of elderly uncles and aunts. Two had been successfully treated (10 years back) for breast cancer, one for bladder cancer only last year, and four had had successful cataract ops. Forty year back they might not have been with us by now (if you get my drift), or they might have been half-blind.

So "give due where due's due" as my mother would say.

(Don't want to be too positive ... last weekend I was at another gathering - chocker with medics - I think 5 GPs and a consultant. Got strong negative feedback on Mr Darzi's Polyclinics.)