Friday, May 02, 2008

Boris Wins ....

Quite comfortably. And his acceptance speech is as multicultural as any Guardianista could wish, with a generous tribute to the ghastly Ken and Mr Paddick.

Ken : "there is nothing I could have asked from the Labour Party that they didn't give"

That's why they got hammered outside London !

In the Finance department at City Hall the shredders will be working overtime as the bodies are buried. I hope Veronica Wadley has a team of photographers outside 24/7, looking for people removing bulging black bin-liners.

That's just about put the tin lid on Gordon's day. I almost felt sorry for him this morning as the insufferable "Nicky" Campbell told him his fortune on R5. Let's hope Sarah has a hot whisky and a cuddle plus 'extras' on the go.

Only the Assembly top-ups to go. Let's hope the cup of bitterness is full to the brim, pressed down and running over.

UPDATE - I'd lock up loose cannon sister Rachel Johnson as well - speed-gabbling on R5 about the amount of champagne, oysters and caviar at Bozza's party. Apparently 'London belongs to him' and 'who needs Henley' - I'm sure the voters there will be well pleased to hear that. Ah well - you certainly can't accuse her of being in thrall to the spin doctors.

Already people are calling in to protest.

UPDATE2 - the final London Assembly figures were really a contrast to the rest of the country. Labour didn't lose a seat, the Lib Dims and UKIP lost two each, Tories gained two, Labour actually gained one and the BNP gained one. So not exactly a Tory landslide and not exactly a Labour disaster in the assembly.


Lurker said...

Spoke to a girl today, and we are just outside London so cannot vote for Mayor, and she thinks Ken was wonderful. Apparently he 'cleaned London up', which is funny because these days I think its a toilet and go there as little as possible.

JuliaM said...

'Comment is Free' is ;)

They don't appare to have yet noticed the BNP seat on the assembly. Their heads will explode when they do!

JOC said...

What I really missed last night was seeing poor Polleeee. Just a look at her face when Boris won would have been enough.

She was on the previous night pontificating about what a disaster it would be if Ken lost.

Nice little dig at Nu-Labour by Boris.

TDK said...

Listened to Chris Evans on Radio 2 last night while I drive my kids to swimming (5.20pm-ish).

He told us that the news was that it was almost certain that Boris had won. He reported that everyone in the studio at the BBC was downhearted, with miserable faces. A brief discussion followed on why people who worked in London, but did not live there, should get no vote: "Perhaps they should get half a vote". They concluded by saying. Perhaps we shouldn't say who we prefer; this is the BBC.

Edwin Greenwood said...

Never mind the bear-pit of CiF, Julia. Have a look at the cess-pit - the UK News section on Guardian Unlimited Talk. You could power a small country if the collective apoplexy could be converted into electricity.

Foxy Brown said...

There is a god after all.


The Littlejohn and Toynbee spat on Question Time was delicious, Pol Pot was left speechless. The Beeb take all the panellists out to dinner afterwards, I'd loved to have been a fly on the bottle of shiraz at that meal.

JuliaM said...

"Have a look at the cess-pit - the UK News section on Guardian Unlimited Talk."

Wow! That's some industrial-strength crazy, all right....

Tendryakov said...

foxy brown:

How far through Question Time is the spat between Littlejohn and Tonynbee? I would like to watch it on iplayer. Normally, I cannot bring myself to watch Q\T, it's so horrifying.

Anonymous said...

google "youtube littlejohn toynbee"

JuliaM said...

The Devil has the extracted segment: