Thursday, April 03, 2008

What's the Problem ?

The mighty Aaro with an April Fool classic. The man's a comedy genius.

“Is it me?” I thought. Or them? Am I really part of a metropolitan class that has lost touch with the realities of everyday life? Is their perception more valid, in many ways, than what I like to think is my truth?

Here, in my shoes, stands the Hampstead columnist thinking that Britain is not in terminal crisis, but over there, in yesterday's comment box, is an articulate woman explaining support for the BNP in terms of how “a lot of little things add up” to rage.

In Wellingborough, she explains, one in four of the homes in her road is now occupied by Eastern Europeans, Polish shops are opening up, in local supermarkets people speak to each other in Slav languages.

And instead of feeling all sympathetic to her, my instant response is: “Yes, and what's the problem?

(Talking of Aaro, Peter Briffa has some feedback from him on the subject of the London Election. Read the whole thing.)


againstthewall said...

The Eternal Aaronovitch making out he's a True Brit again and calling upon fellow True Brit Daniel Finkelstein for moral support in slagging off True True Brits.

TDK said...

I used to respect David but over time I notice that he is basically a Labour Party man. Whatever they do he defends. ID cards, invasion of Iraq whatever - he has no independence.

Anonymous said...

The smugness of these ex-Trots is truly sickening.

Anonymous said...

Come on againstthewall, I thought you BNP'ers were all meant to be drinking chicken soup these days. Or so the old one-eyed public schoolboy claims!

But you are referring to Aaronovitch by making a clear allusion to the 1940 Nazi propaganda film 'The Eternal Jew', in which Jews were depicted as parasites and likened to rats.

Distinctly off-message there, againstthewall.

Anonymous said...

basically a Labour party man? what are you talking about?
Since when did the traditional old Labour party support the mass importation of cheap foreign labour to undermine the white working class?

Its not people like Aarionovitch who have changed, its the Labour party, they have basically been taken over by the international neocon with their invade the world / invite the world ultra globalist agenda.

Anonymous said...

Since when did the traditional old Labour party support the mass importation of cheap foreign labour to undermine the white working class?

Oooo Ooo Me me!

Since the 1950s. Since before David A was born. Long since you last made an intelligent comment.

DJ said...

Not to encourage the ZOG spotters, but Aaronovitch's love of open borders never seems to extend to a certain other country. Wouldn't Haifa benefit from a little enrichment, mmmm ?

Anonymous said...

Depends what you are calling mass-immigration, the immigration of the 50's was very small by comparison to now.

againstthewall said...

Anon 3:22. Nick's NuBNP and I dont sup together - I really dont care for chicken soup. I prefer a pork chop or a bacon butty myself.

Laban said...

Gentlemen ! Best of order please !

(it's David A's stupidity rather than his ancestry that I see as the problem)