Thursday, April 03, 2008

Nothing to see here ...

I can't find this on the BBC. I guess it's just a minor incident.

A father-of-three is fighting for life after he had his head stamped on outside a Colne church. Paving contractor Edward Geddes, 29, was left covered in blood after being attacked by a gang of four outside St Bartholomew's Church in the early hours of Sunday.

Eyewitnesses say his head was repeatedly stamped upon by the gang, who are believed to have been thrown out of a party just minutes earlier.


Anonymous said...

Charged man is Michael Matthews

Anonymous said...

Its interesting to concentrate on the Borough of Burnley & Pendle. From the outside, you would think that nothing much happens, but it seems that people get kicked and stamped into oblivion on a very regular basis. There is at least one local Judge who seems to serve the people poorly.

Just last month there was also the murder of Mohammed Raja Shafiq at Thompson Park Burnley. Its a busy place for the Police I think.

It is likely just the same in every big market town in Lancashire and indeed on and outwards, everywhere else.

We're trying not to loose it but sometimes, you can sense that the angry mob is nearer at hand every day. I am thinking that first people get scared and then some get angry. I'm also thinking that maybe B&Q should stock up on tar and pitchforks because there's a killing to be made.

Anonymous said...

Another "minor" incident: the two youths who killed Evren Anil during an argument over litter have been sentenced to 4 years detention.

staybryte said...


Four years? Four f~@kin years? 18 months in old money.

I give up. No I really do.

I asked Laban the other day if there were new depths to plumb. How could I have been so stupidly naive?

Following your link, I'd say Mr Anil's cousin has it about right. We shouldn't even complain any more.

Nightjack, the angry mob isn't coming. Those who might give it some muscle are on the wrong side.