Monday, February 25, 2008

A Few Snowdrops By The Curate's Brook

"No political party can govern if they upset the Asian vote"

Britain, which is seeking to overhaul its immigration policy, cannot afford to upset the Asian community because of its increasing electoral clout, says the chairperson of the Indo-British Friendship Society. "No political party can govern if they upset the Asian vote," India-born Rami Ranger, who also heads the Sun Group of Industries, told IANS.

Ranger, who visited India earlier this month as part of a delegation accompanying British Immigration Minister Liam Byrne, was commenting on the controversial set of proposals that could mark the most comprehensive revision of British immigration rules in 45 years.

"We can elect 40 to 50 members of parliament from several inner cities... They cannot afford to go wrong," said Ranger, 60, who migrated to Britain in 1971 and today steers a business empire that exports products and services to 40 countries.

That does tend to presume a two-party system. See my piece on the Tory Choice.

The New Wave of British Jihad gets an unlikely recruit - one Malcolm Hodges, who was a bit miffed when he failed his accountancy exams :

"In November 2006 he sent identical letters to dozens of mosques around the UK claiming that he was a follower of Osama bin Laden, the court heard. He told them: "Brothers, you are right to kill the infidels but you are making a mistake to try to attack planes and other targets."

Hodges said the "infidels" were expecting such places to be attacked and they should turn their attentions elsewhere. Instead they should focus their "jihad" on four organisations connected to "the corrupt and Western society which are abhorrent to true believers, which the infidels, in their arrogance, will not expect to be attacked".

These were The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountants.

He wrote: "Brothers, striking at these targets will be striking at the infidels where it hurts most and each of these targets was formed and is led by the Queen of England. These targets are also full of swine and apes as they are crammed full of Jews, so striking against these targets is a strike against Israel and will take us closer to wiping Israel from the map."

Most murders in London last year were committed by foreigners :

Most murders in London this year were committed by foreigners, according to Scotland Yard figures obtained by The Times.

Of 47 killings between April and September where the nationality of the accused is known, 26 of the suspects — 55 per cent — are not Britons. In 19 cases the killer is believed to be British. In a further 23 cases the nationality of the killer has not been determined. At least 23 of the victims were foreign, including Somali, Brazilian, Irish and Vietnamese citizens. The killings over the six months are under investigation by Scotland Yard’s Homicide Command and are subject to change as more cases are solved. But the raw data represents a stark illustration of the problems facing forces nationwide as communities change rapidly because of large-scale immigration.

The accused in the London sample hail from all corners of the world: Peru, China, Albania, Romania, Lithuania, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


Anonymous said...

"communities change rapidly because of large-scale immigration."

In fact they cease to be communities.

JuliaM said...

"The judge told Hodges that despite his problems he was intelligent enough to obtain and hold down a job in an accounts department on his release."

Err, yeah...

Anonymous said...

People really need to check out the Ziggy Saunders "Write In Protest Vote" against the 2 party system.

Finally a canidate who tells it like it is no BS. He vows to give the Middle Finger to the Two Party System and to Lead a Revolution at the Voting Booths this November.

Check out these two YouTube videos of Ziggy

and his page at

thud said...

re murders..a win win situation for the rst of us then...keep it up folks.