Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hang 'Em High

The Daily Mail shows us the barbarity of today's Iran, where executions take place in public.

Two more criminals have been publicly hanged in Iran as children looked on and people took pictures.

Flanked by masked hangmen, hoods over the heads of the condemned men were removed before the hanging, which took place in front of a giant portrait of the judge they had killed. Onlookers in the street and on the roofs of houses chanted and took pictures with mobile phones. Some laughed.

How appalling - the kind of degrading spectacle abolished in mid-Victorian times. The Mail readers must be outraged.


"I'm all for the death penalty ..."

"A few public hangings in this country might help deter the criminals ..."

"We should bring it back in the UK and stop pussy footing around."

"Job done! this is one aspect of Iranian law that we should start using now."

"Before we criticise other countries, let's look at our own. It was great once but not anymore. We don't even have punishment now."

"Medieval and barbaric it may be, but I bet Iran doesn't have anywhere like the problems that Britain has with crime !"

"this is what we need in this country as far as murderers and other violent criminals are concerned. Jailing them is expensive ..."


Squander Two said...

In a dictatorship, public execution is a way of keeping the populace cowed. In a democracy, however, I am of the opinion that execution should be public. It's all too easy to vote for something nasty if you never have to face it.

DumbJon said...

Same ol' same ol' - it's always ben one of the paradoxes of this thing that the Left coddles Islamofascism, even as they rant about Rightists pushing less extreme versions of the same policies.

Anonymous said...

Basically I am against hanging. But I am even more against letting serious criminals out early. There is rather less chance of this if you have broken their necks first.....

alex zeka said...

Laban, I am surprised, not to say intrigued. I thought that the "But Iran does it! [Wards of the devil]" argument was considered a clincher in this playpen. Can we now assume that you also are not disinclined to favour the Ayatollah's maintenance of another Euro tradition? Namely, freedom of historical inquiry, even if it does displease certain ethnicities?