Monday, August 06, 2007

Crooks Escape

Imam Sajid, a former chairman of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, urged the escapees to give themselves up, but also called for a change to the way immigrants are treated. He said: "The problem we have is these people feel they are treated like criminals when their crimes are simply fleeing their own country for whatever reason".

Treated like criminals, eh ?

The Home Office has confirmed the 14 men still on the run from an immigration detention centre have all been convicted of criminal offences. The men were among 26 people who fled the Campsfield Detention Centre in Oxfordshire following a riot there on Saturday night. A spokeswoman for the Home Office said they had all served their sentences and were awaiting deportation. She said the most serious offence any of them had committed was robbery.

Note the theories of Evan 'Dr Death' Harris :

"It is not surprising that seemingly indefinite detention without charge or without conviction leads to frustration, misery and potential unrest".

It's only "seemingly indefinite" because of the taxpayer-funded lawyers spinning out the appeals process !

UPDATE - Martin Kelly notes the lack of descriptions for any of the men of no appearance.


John Trenchard said...

it is indeed odd that no photos have been released - surely this is a prime example of where the general public can help the police in apprehending these fugitives.

or would that be in breach of their "human rights"?

Anonymous said...

It's only "seemingly indefinite" because of the taxpayer-funded lawyers spinning out the appeals process !

All too true, but no one seems to want to tackle the shysters.

Anonymous said...

When these men fled their own country for whatever reasons, before they came here & robbed us, did it occur to them to seek refuge in the first safe country they encountered as they are supposed to, or were none of those countries liberal enough with the handouts?

mexicano said...

There were 2 'outbreaks' from government-run facilities on the weekend. This one, and the one concerning the foot and mouth virus.

It's interesting to compare the reactions by the authorities to the two events - especially insofar as there is no threat to people from the latter. In one case, every step has been taken to shut down the whole area until the threat is neutralized. In the other, barely any steps were taken.