Thursday, July 19, 2007

See No Evil


Concerns about possible racist attacks led to police pulling out of a TV appeal in their search for a sex attack suspect, it has emerged. Officers want to trace former Exeter taxi driver Noorullah Seddiqi, 34, originally from Afghanistan.

Police were planning to put a reconstruction on ITV's Manhunt crime show, but a spokesman said "community concerns" led to a rethink. Mr Seddiqi is wanted for questioning after failing to answer bail. He was arrested in November last year in connection with an investigation into a rape and a series of sexual assaults on women.

It's victims poker again. The potential victims of racist attack are more important than the actual victims of rape and sexual assault.


Anonymous said...

Sonia Francis-Mills of Devon Racial Equality Council reckons that the police often "just want to feel collars"....and had the police contacted the Devon REC earlier they may have been able to track Seddiqi down within the "community"!

Damn, Sonia....we never thought of enlisting the "Community" for help!

Foxy Brown said...

In their job to uphold the law the police are there to "feel collars" regardless of the racial, cultural or religious background of a suspect or anyone else who can provide valuable information about a case.

Perhaps the "Community" thought that the women were asking for it - they were white after all.

Anonymous said...

Sonia Francis-Mills - surely not another arrogant middle-class white liberal engaged in guerilla warfare against UK society? Who would have thought it?

Steven Brown said...

The lady in question (I'm sure she would bridle at being referred to as a 'lady' ;-)):

What an airhead.