Sunday, July 15, 2007

Non-racist racists make for bad TV

As the BBC fraudulent trailer row rumbles on, a little Observer aside about RDF, purveyor of dodgy trailers and class reality programming.

Wife Swap, C4, 2003 -
In 2003 a show about a racist white couple paired with a black couple went unaired. The couples said the makers, RDF, dropped the episode because the families got along.


Susan said...

The true objective of the "anti-racists" is to INCREASE racism, rather than decrease it. The more "racism" the more they can justify more spending, more "anti-racist" jobs and more power. If the country is torn apart by their methods, too bad. This is well-advanced in the US too where we have "ethnic studies departments" at all universities that preach and teach hatred of the majority ethnic group, courtesy of tax support from that ethnic group.

Anonymous said...

Susan, you are spot-on with that one. I was arguing exactly this point with a few people on CiF not so long ago. I was up against three commenters that insisted on bringing up all manner of reasons why black people should hate white people. I kept insisting that such attitudes would only cause racial tension and division and if the same remarks were turned on their head to mean reasons why white people should hate black people then they would be howled down.

It turned out that the three people I was arguing with knew each other. They were all going to a Marxist meeting somewhere in London that weekend and it was clear that their intervention in CiF was semi-organised. You can draw your own conclusions about what is going on here, but it seems elements of the hard=left are deliberately stirring up racial division to form a new constituency now that the working class has turned their back on them.

Foxy Brown said...

Jobs within the race-relation industry are incredibly well-paid. Lee Jasper in his role as equalities advisor to Ken Livingstone's GLA receives £110 000 per annum. It's not in his financial interests for the AWFUL AND DREADFUL white oppression of persons of colour to cease.

It is a cushy little number and almost certainly a job for life.

Anon at 9.08,

I can't cope with the Guardian's CiF blog, the discussion threads degenerate into vicious mud slinging. It is also censored by the moderators in a manner that would make Ceausescu blush.