Saturday, June 30, 2007

Not a good sign ...

Bugaboo in the Guardian comments :

Gordon Brown's appointment of Digby Jones gives the game away really. We won't see an open door immigration policy, we will see the door being taken off its hinges.


Anonymous said...

Well did it not occur to any of you in 1997 that an 'Irreversible change in british society' meant just that.

Anonymous said...

Or that no policy at all may be the government policy.

Think about it the Russians in te 1950's forced the ukrainians out of ukraine and replace them with soviets. its the perfect way to create a permanent voting base.

fill the country with immigrants and watch the native population emigrate.

Dave said...

It occurred to me yes, but then again I wasn't a member of the far left for most of my life.

Laban said...

"its the perfect way to create a permanent voting base"

Not really. Because the immigrants turn out to have ideas and culture of their own.

I'm 100% sure that when the Muslim vote gets big enough they'll split from Labour. What have they got in common ? Nowt.