Sunday, June 24, 2007

Black and White Unite and Fight Part 6539

On the Kentish borders, not so very far from "the racist murder capital of Britain", what appears to be a pre-arranged fight resulting in the death of 16 year old Ben Hitchcock aka Swipe.


In Scunthorpe, Lincs, Iraqi Kurds are enlivening the early morning streetscape.

And back in the Smoke young Somalis provide an onboard entertainment experience that's even more distressing than Bongo Mike and Extremely Frank Jeremy's rendition of "This Train".

The ringleader of a vicious 'steaming' gang that attacked and robbed at least 50 passengers on south London trains was jailed indefinitely today. Somalian Abubaker Egah, 19, and up to six other youths, threatened to shoot and stab commuters as they rampaged through carriages stealing money and mobile phones.

One victim, Cecil Loader, 37, was punched, kicked and whipped with belt buckles in front of his pregnant wife after asking the thugs to stop smoking. In another attack, Egah shoved what appeared to be the barrel of a gun in a terrfied passenger's ribs, although it is not known if he used a real firearm. Police believe the mob of mostly Somalian teenagers preyed on more than commuters in just five weeks in April and May last year. In total, they are thought to have carried out more than 50 robberies as they roamed railways from Victoria to Sutton and Balham and the Croydon Tramlink.

Kingston Crown Court heard Egah, the fifth of 12 children, who moved to the UK from wartorn Somalia in 2003, was jailed for two months last year for assaulting a ticket inspector. Passing an indeterminate sentence for public protection with a minimum four year jail term today, Judge Duncan Matheson told Egah he would spend the rest of his life behind bars if his violent behaviour continued.

Three others of the gang were let off with non-custodial sentences. According to an old April 2007 copy of Metro "A member of a 'steaming' gang which robbed 38 railway passengers at random in a month was spared jail yesterday. Bajhed Adan was part of a violent 'crew' which threatened to shoot and stab commuters as they carried out their raids. The 18-year old Somalian, who has previous robbery convictions, was with ringleader Abubaker Egah when they robbed passenger Julian Powell of cash, a mobile phone, and a chain, jurors were told. Graeme Ford, prosecuting, said Egah shoved a gun barrel into Mr Powell's ribs but it was not clear whether the weapon was real or a replica ... Adan was sentenced to 240 hours community service... Two other gang members have already been handed 18-month supervision orders for robbery and assault."

Sisters are doing it for themselves in Croydon.

"The white girl just went into a car, pulled out a knife, and then stabbed one of the black girls. Some of the girls were screaming when it happened. The stabbed girl fell on the ground and was was just on the floor rolling about. I didn't hear her scream at all. A couple of the other girls were trying to help her. The girl that did the stabbing jumped back into the car, and the others got back in as well and closed the window and locked all the doors. Some of the other girls were trying to help the stabbed girl, and the other black girls were trying to get into the car. But they sat there for five or ten minutes in the car until the police arrived, and then they tried to drive off. The other girls were still fighting and the car windows were getting broken. The three white girls were in the car, and the windows were getting smashed, and then the police turned up."

I have no idea what kind of person accused Chelsea Bennett is. But according to the comments it's sister Maxine you need to watch out for.


Anonymous said...

"There were about fifteen black girls and three white girls"

Anonymous said...

"There were about fifteen black girls and three white girls"

Meant to add that had those racial numbers been reversed one suspects that the media would have felt able to report in a much more robust and forthright manner.

Voyager said...

It is hard to believe this failing state will ever get to grips with this atomising retreats into its middle class panic rooms and hides itself from the reality it has creating with its therpaeutic propagation of "self-esteem" for the troglodytes - bringing to life the primitivism of the socially chaotic

Anonymous said...

"Kingston Crown Court heard Egah, the fifth of 12 children"

Is it likely that the twelve children will have only a couple of offspring? Given that we subsidise these deadbeats with welfare I think it unlikely.

Meanwhile Philip Johnston in the Telegraph thinks we should regularise the status the millions of failed asylum seekers and other assorted illegal dross who have come here in the past ten years. The argument being that it is too expensive to remove these people. How expensive will it be to build all the prisons and dole out all the welfare to the dependants in the future? Every day Blair's Britain seems to sink closer to the abyss. My advice to anyone young enough and smart enough is to seek a future somewhere other than here, because it's going to get ugly in the not too distant future.

Anonymous said...

How can you get community service for robbery, with an imitation or real firearm? Whether it was real or not, his victim was made to feel that it was. For inflicting this terrifying ordeal, this scum didn't even get a day's jail. He will skip the community service and none of his 'supervisors' will give a sh*t.

This is unbelievable.

Meanwhile, leftwing criminologists see no difference between him and someone who takes a pencil from work:

This has been the reason for all of the ludicrous laws brought in by this government recently - by criminalising the genuinely law-abiding with stupid, political laws, they undermine the moral case for punishing true criminals.

Anonymous said...

Of course all these Somalis will be deported at the end of their sentence wont they.

JuliaM said...

""There was one large gang who seemed predominantly black, who came from the direction of Lewisham.

"The other gang came from the direction of Beckenham and seemed to be mixed."

Seems quite a bit like the recent multicultural 'events' at Upminster bridge...

And is it just me who is baffled by some of the comments left on those articles? The illiteracy is to be expected, given the state of the education system, but the lack of clarity and self knowledge is pretty appalling too.