Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today's Times

Following in the footsteps of Tim Worstall and the Blessed Oliver, Mr Dillow makes his debut.

(It's not on the Web, but on the opposite page was a letter from Sarah of St Bloggie)


verity said...

I thought Tim Worstall's article was right on the button. He homed in on the real problem and addressed. But thought Chris Dillow was weak.

The headline, which admittedly he would not have written, although it encapsulated his premise, asked why we put up with inept government.

I thought Mr Dillow's points were rather peripheral to the central problem.

The reason Britain puts up with inept government is twofold:

1. I'm all right, Jack on the part of citizens who are prepared to cede their rights for a moderately comfortable, if frequently intruded in, life; and

2. The citizenry at large is fearful of complaining about non-delivery of service and waste of their taxes because they know their names will go on a little list.

The British have been bullied and whipped into abdicating their position of boss of the government and allowed the government to become their boss. This is all the more horrifying when one considers that "government" in Britain doesn't just mean the national government, which is bad enough, but every little council jobsworth who can tell you where you are to send you children to school and what they will be taught whether you like it or not, and tell you that you're not allowed to trim your own tree, to the binmen who can refuse to pick up your rubbish if it doesn't suit their dainty requirements. The police can tell you what calls they will attend, and if you are an elderly Christian couple who ask to display Christian literature in council offices alongside homosexual literature, they can call at your home and tell you that you are "treading a very fine line".

The British people have been denuded of their position of employer. They are now cringing servants of the state. There are clampers who can bully the misparked citizen, there are people in the NHS government-within-a-government deciding on who will get expensive treatments, who will even get a bed in hospital, and who will be forced to slop in in a mixed sex ward, their prime minister is constantly bullying them because the citizens at large suspect that terrorism is regarded as desirable by many more people than his "tiny minority".

Mr Dillow doesn't mention any of this, much deeper, rot, that the corporate dog's breakfast that the Blair government is. Yes, they're criminally inept and stupid people, but they have the slyness of the stupid, and they've worked it so they have the whip hand and you'd better not complain or you may not get treatment for breast cancer, or prostrate cancer, should you ever need it, or the police may not attend your emergency call.

Dillow's piece was shallow and didn't connect with the reality on the

verity said...

...oops! ... ground.

Sarah said...

Hello Laban, I think it was a mere smidgen of my comment in the schools debate, but thanks for the plug. I was wondering why my sitemeter had gone smoking hot!

James said...

Yeah, what verity said...