Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blogging Losing Appeal ?

I think the death of blogging is greatly exaggerated, but then I would say that. The children are much more into bebo/myspace/facebook, but that's a socialising tool.

According to research by a firm of US technology analysts, the blogging phenomenon may have peaked last October, when 100,000 new blogs were being created every day. As well as personal diaries these included corporate, professional, celebrity and other specialist blogs.

Yet the Gartner research firm also concluded that the trend would level off in 2007, with perhaps 100m people still blogging worldwide. Other analysts predict that number will fall to 30m.

"A lot of people have been in and out of [blogging]", said Daryl Plummer of Gartner. "Everyone thinks they have something to say until they’re put on stage and asked to say it."

Some of us seem to only have one thing to say, but they keep on saying it.

This tells its own little story about crime in the heart of our capital city.

The midnight launch of the PlayStation 3 at the Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street, London, will go ahead despite police concerns. Another retailer, GAME, abandoned plans for a similar event after police said young gamers may risk being mugged.


Dave said...

I think its silly to distingish 'blogging' from other types of internet logs or diaries, I used to read plently of interesting stuff online that was regularly updated before the media got all over excited about the word 'blog'.

As long as people keep spreading their knowledge, opinions and experience in a way that is easy for others to access mostly free of charge it doesn't matter what they call it.

Anonymous said...

I think its safe to say that Gartner's 'analysis' is worth about the square root of fuck all.

Trundling through myspace I think of the old BBC motto and update it: 'moron shall speak trash unto moron'.

Foxy Brown said...

Blogs are the only true form of democracy